Friday, April 26, 2013

The Lashop: Photography

I saw The light: I Bought Good Lights
I used to naively think that lighting in photography was just a sham, that it wasn’t really important. That was before I got some lighting kits and I saw my work take a noticeable step forward. It’s funny to think back on the time when I was stupid enough to think I could outsmart the camera, that perhaps my eye and my keen sense of exposure time and aperture would help my photos look amazing, without good lighting. Man, was I dumb. It’s so important to use proper photography lighting, and these days it’s easy to get what you want at and it doesn’t even cost that much. You know, that’s not the only thing I used to think about photography either. I used to really think that you could take fantastic pictures really candidly without anyone noticing, and in a way that made them look like they were watching you. I had a lot of crazy thoughts as a young photographer. I used to not use all the film, because you couldn’t be sure about the last few slides. I also used to make slides out of all of my pictures because I thought that was the only way to truly assess whether the photos were good or not. I was not very good at what I was doing. Sometimes you can fail at something for years and then have a realization that binds everything together in your brain and all your work – all that work that you thought was wasted – actually turns out to help lead you to a much different, and better path. That’s what happened to me, and I remember when I made that transition. It felt like what I imagine sinner coke heads to feel when they become born again, and then become president!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 27: Sweet Tooth What gets your sweet tooth going?

Having problem using another computer. make do with this.

Decadent, sweet, creamy.
215875_10152271689715541_1974546315_n.jpg155977_10152271688355541_635304618_n.jpg155977_10152271688355541_635304618_n.jpgsweet tooth, what gets your sweet tooth going?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Zealand Softball

On my flight over from Auckland, I met some fine young men. I went to talk to them and they were representing New Zealand in the under 15 softball. I told them I played softball too when I was 15. Jordon Tahana told me they were coming to Australia to play. The two boys next to him were Callum Carson and Jackson Watt. 

Good luck boys and do New Zealand proud.

I told the "Boss" Craig Waterhouse  that I was a writer and wanted to make his boys famous. He gave me his card.

International Softball Academy,

ISA New Zealand
  • In 2012 the ISA will be sending four teams overseas. 
  • Teams to Tournaments in Australia:
  •  U17/19 Boys July 2012 to the International Youth Series in Softball Australia are yet to finalise the venue, after 15 years in Sydney it is moving. 
  • U14 Boys March 2012 to the International Youth Event including teams from Japan in Sydney Australia and also a one day trip for warm up games in Canberra. 
  • U15 Boys April 2012 to the BOP Academy Tournament Blacktown Olympic Stadium, Sydney and Also a one day series in Canberra
  • Team to Tournament in Los Angeles USA
  •  U16 Girls July 2012 to International Cup, Los Angeles
  • And beyond and 2013 an U21Boys to Saskatoon Canada 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

FSO; creating starbursts

creating starbursts

I discovered the magic of the starburst effect when I attended the very first round of Lynne Rigby’s workshopShooting 201: Beyond the Basics. It was one of the many “aha” moments I had during this class, and being lucky to live in a very sunny part of the world, I have had many opportunities to play with it ever since.
how to capture a starburst in your photo by Lisa Tichane

How does it work?

The starburst effect is created by light diffraction. Even if you’re not a physicist, you can understand the mechanics behind it: when light meets an obstacle (in photography: the edges of the hole created by the aperture of your lens) the light slightly bends around that obstacle.  The aperture of your lens is controlled by several blades, which create a circular opening. This opening is not perfectly round: the slight angles between the blades funnel the light, creating the star shape of the diffraction.
Here is a typical example – a random view of my city’s bay on a bright autumn afternoon:
photographing starbursts tutorial by Lisa Tichane
If you are wanting to create a starburst, the first thing you need is to find the right angle to include the sun or any other strong light source in your frame. Not just a ray of sun, but the sun itself (or at least part of it, we will see later that it’s also interesting to partially block the light in order to get an even more striking effect). Which means that it won’t work on an overcast day, except if you can catch the sun when it’s peeking out of the clouds.
Another important thing to understand when you are looking for a starburst effect, is that the smaller your aperture, the more defined the star shape, as in the example above (f22).
Let’s make it clear with some more visual examples. My previous image and all of the 6 images below were taken within a few minutes, playing with different apertures and adjusting my settings accordingly to keep the same exposure (no editing here, my point was to show how it looks SOOC).

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Next Challenge: Something Hot! Can airlines charge you according to your weight?

a group of London students felt very humorous when they had to weigh in.

A very HOT issue  

Samoa airline to price tickets by passenger weight, Tickets sold not by the seat, but by kilogram.

Auckland is the Pasifika capital of the world. I work with both Adults and children in teaching them ESOL, English as a second language. Some of them tell me that it is  their culture to be big. In America, they source big Samoans to play their football.

Think of the Rock, Dwayne Johnson who has made it big in WWE and Hollywood. Which kid does want to be the Rock in the motion picture , "The Mummy Returns (2001)" and "The Scorpion King (2002)"  His mother is of Samoan heritage

Recently  Samoa Air, announced introducing a world first: 'Pay only for what you weigh'! It stank all the way from Apia in Samoa to Auckland. How many The Rock are there?

Actually Samoa is not the first country to do it, in Sarawak, where it has monopoly, flying to the remote mountains of Borneo, they have been doing it a long time.

As I was checking in for my flight in Miri to Mulu, there was a group of London Students on their Borneo tour to Bario. I told them that it was a pity my sister Elizabeth and Kallang had just left bario. Otherwise they would provide great hospitality. Indeed, Elizabeth had told me many a tourist had past through their long house, and some even went to their kitchen.

Bario is the home of my brother in law Kallang and Sister in Law Elly. They belong to the tribes of the kelabits. Bario is a nice place to visit as it is very cool because of it's high altitude and the people are very friendly.

The most convenient way to the Bario highlands is by twin otter plane. My sisters had told me before you board the plane, both you and your luggage had to be weighed. This is to make sure that the plane doesn't get overloaded.

Kallang is a big man and Elizabeth is a small woman. So their weight balance out. Things are very expensive in Bario. People try to pack as much as they can. Once, my other sister, a smallish woman was approached by a native if they could check in together. We joked that even before she boarded the plane, she was already hitched.

I spoke with a very friendly girl as they waited for the rural flight service.

You can see the students having fun as they weigh themselves.

The Next Challenge: Something Hot!

Have fun with this challenge, you don’t have to do something literally hot. Maybe something that is perceived as hot or tastes hot…..

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where do you sit when watching TV?

My Dad went to China.
He came back with a Panda.
For my daughter.
When she moved out of the house,
She left a panda,
I am not sure,
If this is the same Panda.
It represents the "Chineseness"  in me.
我是 陈洁雪

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mt Albert Baptist Church community weekend and letter V

The Youth of the church waving a sign for free car wash.

 A local "What's happening" magazine was there.   volkswagen kombi van for letter V 
so was skinny, a telephone provider.  Our Youth worker works for them.

Where would you get free sausages but from Mt Albert Baptist Church.

Salvation Army left a truck for people to donate to their shops.

Love Where You Live, a Community Service Weekend, is on this Saturday and Sunday - 13-14th April. We're inviting everyone in the area to love where they live by making this an even better place to live. As such, a number of community agencies are coming together this weekend around some key projects. Can you join us and get the word out to all your friends and networks too?

Official projects will include: Gardening, litter collection, painting, building, random acts of kindness, Salvation Army & food bank drop offs and much

All the details of the projects and how to get involved can be found at 

FSO: My city Auckland letter A

our Sky Tower, The tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere.
Our Town Hall, our grand old lady was opened in 1911

Parnel Rose garden

trees and fruits.

we have lots of trees.

lots of flowers

outdoor structures for the young and not so young. I went up 1/3 of it.

Welcome to Friday My Town Shoot Out!
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Have fun, explore, enjoy and won't you join us?