Wednesday, February 27, 2013

outdoor/wordless wednesday: Chinese Lantern festival In Auckland.

photo by

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ivins Peranakan Restaurant and Singapore

4 Kuih Pai Tis in a serving of entree.

Batek covered menu.

I lived in Singapore for 16 years of my adult life. One thing I like Singapore is her cleanliness and her honesty.

I went to this restaurant at Kovan 5 times. I was impressed by their 

service. The last time I was there, I left my pink reading glasses. 

The next day, I realised I lost it some where, it was day before I left 

for NZ, and I was upset because it was prescription glasses. I went to 

the restaurant the next day. 

The waitress recognised me, and gave me my glasses.

 Whew!!!!! She had put it safely waiting for me to come back.

This blog post is a belated Thank you to Ivins in Kovan.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Save the world: Sweet potato leaves

A healthy full of fibre, once discarded leaves and stems of the sweet potato or kumara. This dish is organic and delicious.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday Stills: The Next Challenge: Sunrises/Sunsets…. With a Building

The Next Challenge: Sunrises/Sunsets…. With a Building

And old challenge with a twist. Try not to use archives this week and find some nice shots with buildings, easy for some tough for others..;-)

FSO/mellow yellow: Bicycle in the city.

Bicycles. A lone bicycle in the inner city.

Sorry everyone, I actually did last weeks, but don't know why I didn't post it.

Stay mellow with yellow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My World/ Outdoor wednesday: Freedom.

This hornbill is a free lancer. He doesn't belong to the Jurong Bird Park. Sometimes, he flies to the nearby university where I used to live.

Alphabe-Thursday letter N for nestling

A nestling in the baby bird research centre in the Jurong Bird Park. I forgot the name of this nestling.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday Stills: The Next Challenge: The Number 7

My Church Mt Albert Baptist Church church was raising funds to build a well in Thailand. 7 represent the amount they had raised. Some of the church members went.

Yesterday, was the 7th day of the Chinese New Year. It is the day of birthday of everyone, human kind.

The Next Challenge: The Number 7

So for this weeks challenge I decided to do a number challenge, the number 7. Notice its the number 7 not 7 items or 7 things. It sounds easy but it really is’nt, so have fun and bonus for ant pics with the roman number 7 (VII) .

Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo hunt: 7th Day of Chinese New Year, Human day., roast leg of pork

The tall building and the Pagoda were not there when I was growing up. During Chinese New Year, there will be lots of offering. Today is the 7th, or every body's birthday. Renri (Chinese:人日, literally Human Day) refers specially to the 7th day of zhengyue (正月

Louis Jap, my sister and I harboured a secret as to why I got fat. My sister was in Mukah teaching, and befriended this family. The Dad was the care taker of this temple , ( I don't know if it was Mr. Tan Teck Chiang, must be his predessessor.)

I was 16,  one holidays, his daughter and my sister came back to Sibu. Guess what we ate when we visited him in the temple. Plenty of Roast ducks, pork and chicken. There was so much roast meat galore. He said some people come to worship and leave the meat behind.

I was worried and guilty., as we were Roman Catholic and I was afraid that we shouldn't be eating these meat. They were full of incense ashes

He said some people come to worship and leave the meat behind.
So why go to waste? It did not go waste on me. Since than I became fat.

Photo: This is for Ah Leng, Lynn Wong my Kai Sister, as she celebrates the wonderful job her son Antony has done. It is also to entice him to come to visit me when he is up here in Auck Uni.

Feb 16 : Food photos, or your favorite food 

My favourite rich fatty roast leg of pork. Can't really blame that leftover temple food. I ate when I was 16 to make me fat. 

This is a roast leg of pork. 

Our World: Samoa

Seen in a suburb on the Gold Coast of Australia, some one has a Samoan Fales lookalike at the gate. He just has to look out of his window and imagine he is in a tropical paradise.

The word fales came to the forefront when the Tsunami struck Samoa last year. My students tell me that their relatives still fear for another Tsunami coming.

WE had a tsunami warning  recently

This unusual building is on the campus of
 UNITEC. I drive past it everyday.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Red: Windsor University, Canada

 Last year was a year of reminiscing. I went to a reunion where I taught in a secondary school after my High School, I met with my classmates in High School, and I met my friends from the University of Windsor.

Today, N said we are one year older. It makes me think, in 2 years, it would be my 40th anniversary of going all the way to Canada. Had those years in the university changed me and my thoughts. For one I am more aware of things. I am not political, but I am environmentally conscious and I fight for the underdogs. My outspokenness has ruffled a few feathers but they have led to changes.

My friend N and his wife V are also  Windsor Uni alumni. They would have seen this ad.

What do you think of the current ad that this supermarket chain is running on TV in New Zealand? It compares the total shopping costs of one supermarket chain, directly mentioning the oppositions name and claims to be the winner. I think this is very unethical. Our marketing professors would be horrified.

Incidentally, I had another dealing with this company. They adopted my suggestion, but they didn't have the courtesy for acknowledging me for this money saving idea.

Sunday Stills: circles

The Next Challenge: Circles

This will be an easy one this week, you can find circles everywhere. For a real challenge find some circles in odd places…..

 This is a Chinese steam boat cooker. There are 3 obvious circles here.

A pair of binoculous, how many circles can you count?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Skywatch Friday/Photo hunt:: Landscapes you like

My Facebook friend Xiao Feng Huang posted that some netizens wrote that Kuching is the most beautfiul city in Malaysia. Kuching is my adopted home town. I was born in Sibu, and my Dad went to live in Kuching after I left Sibu. Kuching is the capital city, and it is natural to have lots of funds for the city.

The infrastructure is good, and is a very safe city. I was there in July 2012. You see the national icon, the Hornbill.

At the tip of Sarawak, there is a mountain called Mt Santubong. Because of it is is very close to Kuching city, it is very popular for people to climb it. I climbed only once with elley and Sam. We did only half way.
During the climb, we saw Students from Singapore who had come on an eco trip to pick up rubbish. I felt really proud to be part of Singapore as a resident.
In Chinese, Santubong means king of the wild boar. Apparently, there used to be a lot of wild boars there.
According to the Encyclopaedia of Iban Studies the original inhabitants of Santubong were the Iban. Si-antu-ubong means 'spirit boat' in the Iban language. Antu is hantu in Malay which means spirit or ghost. Santubong are boat like coffins made from a single hollow log designed to represent the vesell in which a dead person will travel from this world to afterlife
A legend often associated with the mountain is of two beautiful princesses, Santubong and Sejinjang. Santubong was an expert weaver while Sejinjang was an excellent rice tresher. One day, they had a quarrel and exchanged blows. Sejinjang swung her tresher which hit Santubong's cheek. Santubong threw her weaver at Sejinjang, hitting her in the head. Putting an end to the quarrel, the King of Heaven cursed both of them into mountains. Santubong turned into Mount Santubong while Sejinjang was turned into Mount Sejinjang. It is said that Mount Santubong resembles a woman lying on her back.

Xiao Feng Huang Autumn Belle Sze Tho Weng Ho Ann Chin Abu Hassan Jalil Toh Cheng See It is not that I want to boast or what.....Some netizens wrote that Kuching is the most beautiful city in malaysia.Ask your camera whether it is true or not.Some photographers go to some cities in our country and find their cameras sleeping all the way.

Feb 09 : Landscapes you like

Thursday, February 7, 2013

FSO: Doors and windows

 right couplet
 left couplet
This is my mum's ancestral home. Nothing pretentious.  This is a house my uncle built replacing the old house we loved.

Traditionally, just before Chinese New Year which is now, people get educated calligraphers to write auspicious words on Red paper and paste it outside the door. My grand father used to do a lot of these writing.

I was surprised my uncle had his framed and on white paper. On top of the door , it has the name of the house.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our World/save the world: Penrose garden.

This beautiful Penrose garden is one of my favourite places in Auckland. Entry of free of charge. For my save the world, I was happy/surprised to see this sign, don't scatter ashes here.