Thursday, September 28, 2017

House of Museums Malacca 老行业博物馆

When I was writing my books especially those with a Historical theme, I remember a Chinese Proverb my Dad and I shared.

"The past remembered is a good guide for the future."
Today, 29th September happens to be two years anniversary of my World World Two book.

I told my new Facebook friend that I will write something for him. David Tih Seong Pin is the curator and the story teller. I had been to Melaka (the new name for Malacca) many times and like how they have preserved History..

House of Museums Malacca 老行业博物馆

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photo from HOM

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

ABC Wednesday:L for LAYONG

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Tom Balan 'In Saban, it is called "LAYONG" - traditional Orang Ulu warrior's gear'
This is Tom Balan, I asked if I could share his LAYONG. Tom is a Saban and is related to my cousin's wife. That makes us distantly related via marriage.

The Sabans are a hill tribe in the mountains of Sarawak in Borneo.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kate Sheppard New Zealand's most prominent women's suffragette.

It was 124 years ago today that NZ became the first self-governing country in the world to give women the vote. Remember to exercise that right this election!

"Kate Sheppard and the other suffragists fought for years to give women this right and did this country proud." Since New Zealand was the first country to introduce universal suffrage in 1893,[4] Sheppard's work has had a considerable impact on women's suffrage movements in several other countries. She also appears on the New Zealand ten-dollar note.

My friend was there and her eyewitness account was Kate led the women to lie down on the road, and the police couldn't do anything.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sibu Hindu Temple

Kids and childhood shenanigans.
In 1960s, we moved to the Government Quarters at Padang Road near to the Sibu Prison.
We were a bunch of boys and girls. There was a Indian Temple, and had an eerie feeling. It was little, and there were no windows except sticks at the top of the wall. We climbed up to look at the figurines. The girls supported by the boys standing on their shoulders. Outside there was a murky uncovered well. The silliness in  us spread rumours that someone had drowned there. Worse still, it was haunted and bidding us to look down and fall into the well. Childishness made us scared, yet not scared enough to climb up their tall spiky calamansi/lime fruits and their gardenia flowers. As we approach home, we threw away the flowers fearing mum might tell us off for going to the forbidden place.
I went back in 2013, my reporter took me there. The old temple was gone. In it's place was this school lookalike building.
Next to it used to be the Girl guide hut which I didn't see.
Ann Chin Kong Tong Kiong Hindu temple in situated at orchid road on the right side of girl guide building while Sikh building on the right side of race course road and prison is just nearby. Can see cow grazing in the compound of the Sikh building

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


a man born with cerebral palsy and whose parents have disabilities, but who is making the best of his challenging circumstances.

When I watch this, my tears wet my eyes. If I thought my life is hard, these people have it worst. The boy have Cerebral Palsy. I had students who have CP. Seeing their struggle in walking, sometimes I wish I can just scoop them up and carry them.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sarawak Liberation Day: ABC for Japanese war

Today is Sarawak's LIBERATION DAY.....The Japanese surrendered at Pending at about 5p.m. September 11, 1945

The Japanese Occupation had particular significance to my family.

From the onset of the occupation, the Japanese had chosen my dad to be a civilian worker, a dangerous and hated job. He was only seventeen. Mum was twelve when they came, her parents hid her from forcefully taken to be a Japanese sex slave., when she was fifteen, they reckoned it was too dangerous to hide her anymore. They sought a complete stranger to be married. They married in March 1945, and the war finished in September.

That was the way the world turned, and there won't be me.

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    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    ABC Letter I for ICON

    Taiwan Day 2017

    09 Sep 2017 - 10 Sep 2017

    • Taiwan Day 2017
      Taiwanese folk dance on Taiwan Day. An icon is a religious work of art, most commonly a painting

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    • Taiwan Day 2017 (1)

    Monday, September 4, 2017

    Converting your lawn into a vegetable garden?

    City Asks Couple To Remove Their Front Garden & Put It Back To Lawn...

    similar scenarios had happened. Many years ago, we grew broccoli and broad beans at the berm, because the rented house was deep at a chasm. People laughed at us, but we didn't care. I related this in my The Playgroup Club book, where in a real situation, the people became celebs and appeared on TV.

    Sunday, September 3, 2017

    ABC Letter I for iguana

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    In Meleka,  Malaysia , the men just had the iguana basking in the sun. They didn't ask people for money. When I asked if I could hold it to take a photo, the men were happy for me to take it. In hindsight, I wonder if the tourism board paid them to be there.

    I did hold it and I wasn't scared.