Monday, September 30, 2013

Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve

There were miles and miles of these stone wall. Some higher than a person, others lower. These are made of volcanic rocks. I wonder how people made them. I went with the water engineer and the son. At one stage, there were so much rocks, and I was getting a stitch in my abdomen, the boys walked very fast. I told them, if they went any further, they would have to carry me out or call for an rescue helicopter.

I had to rest. You can see the wall and wire fence in the background. The wire fence was an electric fence, and I got a zapped.

Heritage Sites * Volcanic Cones * Walkways

The Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve is one of Manukau's premier parks. It is an internationally significant heritage landscape and an important natural, archaeological and historic area. Created by volcanic eruptions 20,000 years ago.

For Te Wai O Hua, tangata whenua (indigenous people of the land), it is a taonga (treasure), and for the people of Manukau and for all New Zealanders alike, it is an important historic place.

This 100 hectare area has been established to protect and preserve the archaeological remains of the communities which thrived on this land for hundreds of years. It is one of the last volcanic areas of Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) where you can see the large scale stonework and earthwork remains that show how people once lived and worked. Maori occupation of the Stonefields dates back about 800 years, and Europeans farmed the area for over 100 years.

Outdoor Wednesday: Rock at Otuataua
At the stonefields at Otuataua, we climbed this baby.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Save the world: Making vinegar from a local product.

My sister, Professor Margaret Chan experiments to make vinegar

 from a local less known and less used fruit. The Bilimbing is found

 in South East Asia and used to cook a sour fish dish.

What future potentially there is for the local villagers to harvest 

their fruit trees from their garden and make  vinegar, an organic 

free of pesticides.

The process is simple enough, There are 2 stages;

1: an anaerobic fermantation producing alcohol

2: aerobic converting alcohol to vinegar

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alpaca International convention

My friendly Alpaca farmer Ros from Palmerston North, with her 3 alpacas, Ferdandus, Xanadu and twilight.

Sunday still: Creepy things

This is my very sports talented nephew Chai Song Lip. His nickname is creepy. The sports writers dubbed him the leaping lizard. Once he won the Sportsman of the year. His forte was triple jump. I am a very proud aunt.

Song Lip lives in sunny Australia. One day, a snake visited his garage.

Song Lip is helping the snake catcher.

The snake catcher caught the snake, and took it away in a sack. She released it in the bush. This is for my save the world theme

Shunday Stills, the next Challenge: Creepy Things

Profile: Ann Chin

我是 Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪
 In Sarawak my name is Kit Suet. The meaning is clean snow.

I will be launching my books in Sibu:

(1) 12th October 2013 at 10.00 am.

(2) Venue is at 2nd Floor, RH Hotel, Sibu

(3) Guest of Honour to launch my books : Y.B. Dato 

Sri Wong Soon Koh, Minister of Finance (II) and 

Minister of Local Government and Community

 Development, Sarawak

(4) Invited guests: Local dignitaries are Y.B. Dato Sri 

Wong Soon Koh and Datin Sri Leong Poh Ling, Mr. Sim 

Kok Kee, Resident Sibu Division, community leaders 

like Pemanca and Penghulu from the Quang Ning 


On 28th Sept:  signing my books at  the Internal Medicine Update  at Four Points by Sheraton Kuching. : malaysian medical association sarawak branch
On 15th October, signing at KK bookstore, Miri. 
I will be returning to my Old School Methodist Secondary School and the school I taught , Kai Chung Secondary school to talk to senior students.
I am the writer of "Diary of a Bereaved Mother " 

丧儿记,: 丧失儿子的母亲的一本传记

"From China To Borneo and beyond" 

海外华人的中国魂: 从中国,到南洋,到更远

"Mail Order Bride."

Forward by : Pastor Jonathan Dove.
 My baby died 24 years ago. I have become a  spokes person for bereaved parents. I am a member of Sands and a parent advocate.
After the book was released,
My book was featured in the Aucklander.
I appeared in Television 1 Down Under program. It's ok to cry On baby bereavement.
I spoke in the Baptist Women's Annual Convention, North Island Chapter.  
My book was exhibited  at the Peacock 
Art Gallery, Upton Country, Dorset, Park England.

I presented a workshop on Asian Infant Bereavement at the Sands National conference for Sands families and medical personnels for 200 attendees in September 2013

Available in New Zealand at: Women's Bookshop, University Bookshop, Auckland, Church of Christ Bookshop
Online orders: Wheeler books, Overseas order:
Bookworks <>

Third Edition, June 2012,  306 pages, 
categories: self help, inspiration, bereavement,


ISBN: 978-0-473-18709-5

First edition, February, 2013 310 pages
categories:Life Stories

 (Biographies,  Autobiographies, 

Family Histories, Memoirs)

ISBN: 978-0-473-23900-8

First edition: July 2013 Fiction

ISBN: 978-0-473-25414-8

This book is the embodiment of the darker side of today’s society.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Five Ideas for Epic Senior Photos

Five Ideas for Epic Senior Photos

Your senior yearbook is the most important yearbook of high school.  It is the one that future generations look to and the one with all-important senior photo. Senior photos can be boring however, especially if they all look the same.  Here are some tips to make your senior photo stand out and be the best in the yearbook.

1.  Find a Catchy Quote for Your Photo

Most schools let you have a quote to go with your photo.  Some students may overdo it, trying too hard to be profound or funny.  In recent years though, some senior photo messages have gone viral.  Try something different with your senior quote.  You can try a secret message with your friends or the people that come before or after you in the yearbook.  You may also want to have your message be in a code.  Be creative with your senior message and your picture and your picture will be the one that gets the most attention.  Just be sure to keep your message clean so that you don't run into problems being censored.

2.  Take a Picture That Reflects Your Personality

One thing about your senior photos is that they are often boring and cookie cutter.  They all seem to use the same photo backdrop
and everybody dressed the same.  If your school allows it, try something different.  Try different backgrounds like the ones you can find at  You can even try taking your senior picture outside.  The best senior pictures are the ones where the person being photographed looks comfortable.  This helps the person reflect who they really are. 

3.  Add Humor To Your Senior Photo

The photos that get the most attention are the ones that have some element of humor.  Maybe try to have you and all your friends wear the same weird outfit in your photos.  Arrange something with the people who are near you alphabetically that looks normal in a single  senior photo but looks funny in the yearbook such as appearing to look at one another.

The most important part of any senior photo is to reflect who you are.  Doing that makes your photo stand out, not just for your senior year, but for years to come.  The most important thing is to be creative and funny.  Don't try too hard to be profound.  Expressing yourself with humor helps to show who you are for years to come.

This is a sponsored post.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

letter Q for quacks.

Western Springs In Auckland is my favourite place. If you are my visitor, I will definitely take you there. A lot of quacking here.


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FSO: Retro



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