Thursday, September 19, 2013

Five Ideas for Epic Senior Photos

Five Ideas for Epic Senior Photos

Your senior yearbook is the most important yearbook of high school.  It is the one that future generations look to and the one with all-important senior photo. Senior photos can be boring however, especially if they all look the same.  Here are some tips to make your senior photo stand out and be the best in the yearbook.

1.  Find a Catchy Quote for Your Photo

Most schools let you have a quote to go with your photo.  Some students may overdo it, trying too hard to be profound or funny.  In recent years though, some senior photo messages have gone viral.  Try something different with your senior quote.  You can try a secret message with your friends or the people that come before or after you in the yearbook.  You may also want to have your message be in a code.  Be creative with your senior message and your picture and your picture will be the one that gets the most attention.  Just be sure to keep your message clean so that you don't run into problems being censored.

2.  Take a Picture That Reflects Your Personality

One thing about your senior photos is that they are often boring and cookie cutter.  They all seem to use the same photo backdrop
and everybody dressed the same.  If your school allows it, try something different.  Try different backgrounds like the ones you can find at  You can even try taking your senior picture outside.  The best senior pictures are the ones where the person being photographed looks comfortable.  This helps the person reflect who they really are. 

3.  Add Humor To Your Senior Photo

The photos that get the most attention are the ones that have some element of humor.  Maybe try to have you and all your friends wear the same weird outfit in your photos.  Arrange something with the people who are near you alphabetically that looks normal in a single  senior photo but looks funny in the yearbook such as appearing to look at one another.

The most important part of any senior photo is to reflect who you are.  Doing that makes your photo stand out, not just for your senior year, but for years to come.  The most important thing is to be creative and funny.  Don't try too hard to be profound.  Expressing yourself with humor helps to show who you are for years to come.

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