Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday for letter L: for logs.


Alphabe-Thursday: J for juice and K for King's speech.

Sorry, I had an impromptu trip abroad and had a funeral, that is why I was away.


wordless wednesday.????


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Monday, July 29, 2013

One Chinese New Year in Asia.

One Chinese New Year in Asia.

Stay mellow with yellow!

Sibu Town

This is the Pagoda in Sibu town, my home town. When I was little, there was the old temple near the wharf which my dad used to take us to see. He said, if you don't study hard, you will become a stevedore and carry rice. Once when I came back, I saw this. Yesterday, my friend Clarence Ting showed a photo of Sibu, I recognise this,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photohunt: Your work place and your favourite computer.

Your work place:  My work place is a mess. I am like

Bobbie Markowitz (Bette Midler), a writer, before she became stupid in The Stepford Wives 

my house is a mess, because I am married to my computer.

My favourite appliance: is my computer. 

I am combining the 2 weeks. I have a bereavement, and I have no idea how I lost a week.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

FSO: Local Crops and produce.

July 19: Local Crops and Produce

In Singapore, I was given this habanero chilli,
I ate the chilli and germinated the seeds.
I got hundreds of chillis from my two plants.
The plant is gone but I have the photos.
The original chilli came from Mexico,
courtesy from my friend W. on his tours.
I also learnt that to beat this fireball,
sip slowly milk, giving yourself a milky moustache
 or take some yoghurt. It works like magic.
This chilli is one of the best experience
that bonded us together.
We could now be in NZ, USA, Canada, Russia, India,
We laugh when we remembered being burnt
and we all had fun amongst tears.

I gave an couple in their 80s a ride .
They didn't know exactly their address.
We got lost. I stopped by a diary to ask for directions.
To make matters worse,
the dairy owner said there was no such road nearby. 
The woman told me the man feels depressed
 and feels confined at home, and wants to go out.
I was the second person who had taken them home.
The first time, he fell, and someone got ambulance.
They were very grateful, and invited me in, but I couldn't stay.
The driveway is sloppy  and had puddles.
It is not easy to walk.
I held his hand as he walked with a cane.
I saw her chillis, she plucked a whole lot.
 They are about two inches big.
They looked like capsicums to me,
She said they were very hot.
She gave me a whole bag.
They will keep my heart warm on such cold days.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday stills: Color red

I haven't seen my girl friend Teresa for more than 10 years. I am going to Oz, and she happens to be there country, and we might just meet. I told her, lets go paint the town red.

The Next Challenge: The color red.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday letter H for Hard hat and honey and Hold


Hard hat and honey.

Last year, my beautiful niece Katie did this. This year, a teacher in school is doing this. Good job. H for HOLD, your drink.
Hi everyone
I’m doing Dry July this month with a couple of girls and thought I’d put the word out there if you are keen to sponsor me (us)… it’s all for a good cause and the money raised goes to Auckland and Northland hospitals that treat people with cancer,  aiming to improve comfort for cancer patients during treatment. Through close,  personal experience I know how a small things can make  a big difference in such a difficult situation.
For those who don’t know about dry July – Dry July is a non-profit organisation determined to improve the lives of adults living with cancer through an online social community giving up booze for the month of July.
If we raise a decent amount of money, as a challenge, I will extend dry July into August J
Here’s my personal fundraising page – remember even the smallest amount can make a difference!
or our teams website
Thanks for your support J