Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Love Bracelet

Auckland held her International festival at the Mt Roskill memorial park.

If you love trying different food, listening to ethnic music and meeting people from other cultures, then the Auckland International Cultural Festival is just the event for you. This free festival is a celebration of Auckland's richness and diversity of cultures and a great opportunity for new refugees and migrants to have a sense of place and feel more connected, while displaying with pride the cultural variety they bring to our city. A feast for the senses, you can walk the world in a day, enjoying the people, music, dance, food, arts, crafts, displays and so much more from over 40 nations in just seven hours!

I promised my African refugee students that I will go. I even got a souvenir.

According to the young man who threaded it on my wrist, he explained The first bead, the Black bead represents all the bad things we do, The red : the love that jesus gave us when he died on the cross, The white: when we ask for forgiveness and we are forgiven, Green: that we grow and the Gold: symbolises the new heaven and the new earth.

I will wear the bracelet to school tomorrow and show them to my students. Doesn't it look good on my wrist?

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.

To acknowledge the need to take action on Climate Change, people all over the world are encouraged to turn out the lights for one hour.

We are encouraged to switch off our lights for an hour from 8.30 to 9.30pm. My school is encouraging people to go to Coyle's park where there is a massive celebration with torch lights.

We went to our friend J's house for dinner and looked at the Sky Tower and someone wondered why it was so dim. Then we remembered it was earth day. J quickly turned off all the lights and took out extra candles. It wasn't too bad eating under the candle light. To make up for not starting on time, we continued to eat without switching the light back on. We would certainly remember this Earth Day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Zealad plant decor

This plant decor at the lobby of the Mt Albert Baptist Chruch has New Zealand plants and flowers. The forage is fruit salad leaves, and palm leaves, and the black one are flax flowers. I am not sure about the greens ones that look like a giant bottle washer.

They look really pretty and it goes to show that flower decors don't need red flowers. Even black flowers look good when the flower decorator knows what to blend in.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anansi, the spider

In school, I have been using the British Council's interactive lessons in teaching how, Anansi the Spider got his long thin legs. This story comes from West Africa and the Caribbeans. With the adult students, I give them a lesson of the Slavery History. With the children,I give them strings of wool to be the spider web, and they pull Anansi and have lots of fun.

Some of my children are from Africa, and they are very happy to be learning this story. We use a potato to make stamps and make a before and after of Anansi. The we go to the school grounds and look for Anansi.

How did Anansi get his thin legs? Have you guessed? According to legend, Anansi didn't have thin legs, rather, he had short stubby legs. Anansi was greedy and cunning. He got his friends to pull his web when they were ready for him. Of course, by the time a few friends pulled the webs, his legs got thinner and thinner.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Balmoral Verses McDonalds

Balmoral, a little suburban in Auckland is challenging the giant McDonald's Restaurant. McDonalds want to build a mega 24/7 drive-thru in the neighbourhood. They managed to get a resource consent hearing date to be set in June. This has the support of the previous Prime Minister, Helen Clark.
This reminds me of when New Zealand stood up and said NO to nuclear power.

Food in a minute evening with speaker Lana

During our Food in a minute social function in MT Albert Baptist Church, the organisers paid very close attention to the decor and presentation. My friend W displayed his Dutch candle sticks and shoe, and his  collection of tropical fruits (artistic ones) .

Thanks W for sharing. In another post, I will write on some of the fruits,  especially the Indonesian fruit Salak which people in Singapore call the snake skin fruit. In Sarawak, we call it the rattan fruit. It is known to cure kidney problems.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sneak peek

This is for Kate who likes a sneak peek of the wedding photos. The wedding was thirty years ago this year. This is a sneak. As the photographer was my brother Charles sneaking around taking the photos. The official photographer took other pix which are still in my album and I didn't scan them. Now I don't have a scanner. You can see a pix of my wedding cake 

The wedding train was very very long. The dress was loaned to me by a Samoan friend. The Samoa custom for weddings is when a girl gets married, she is given many wedding dresses by her aunties. She doesn't wear all of them. I got to wear free of charge a brand new wedding dress.

It was summer, and the grass was pretty dry. 

The buildings are the back are Auckland University. You can see parts of Old Arts Building.

Floral Clock in Albert Park, Auckland.

In 1978, I used to spend my lunch time during the warmer months in Albert Park. The students of Auckland University were and still are very lucky to have a beauitful park adjacent to the campus. They frequently change the flowers in the clock.
We took our wedding photos near by. So you can imagine why this is another of my favourite place of Auckland.
This park has an important history. Please click on link if you are interested.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walker Park Marine Reserve

On the sea bed lies lots of marine animals. This is protected so nobody is allowed to take anything. There were pipis, oysters, snails, crabs, fish and so on. It was low tide yesterday morning, so we could walk on the bedbeds. We told the children to be careful and avoid disturbing as much as possible.

Do go to my other blog, to view other photos. See the amazing spider webs.

Oyster catchers

My kids in school are very lucky. We are within walking distance to two lovely beaches. Today, I went with the seniors to Walker Park, a marine reserve.

This was what we saw, large groups of Oyster Catchers. They were at the sand bank, and when we walked towards them, They took off together, making a beautiful sight to another sand bank.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Strike Percussion Concert

Today, my school kids were wowed by Leni, Sam and Takumi of STRIKE.
The kids loved the energetic performance of these three guys, and so did the teachers.
Performances by STRIKE include the pre-match entertainment for the 2002 Bledisloe Cup at Jade Stadium, and the Australasian premiere of The Lord of The Rings — The Two Towers, in Wellington. 
Other significant events STRIKE have performed in:
a four city extended series of performances promoting New Zealand in China
a football stadium in Mexico (to 45,000 live and televised to 26 million!)
the Kidzone Festival in Invercargill

This is it millennium celebrations in the Auckland Domain
the "100% Pure New Zealand Lifestyle" Festival in Roppongi, Tokyo.

"STRIKE were a polished professional act that connected to audiences in all cities."

"[They] used an international art form — percussion — but gave a clear New Zealand flavour through their performance uniforms, integration of Pacifica drums and rhythm, through advertising that identified them as New Zealanders, and through their association with the exhibition."

Sunday, March 1, 2009


At Scenic Sunday where you can enjoy photographs of others.

Welcome to Rotorua. Bungy, Zorb, Swoop and farm activities, geothermal, spa and Maori welcome. If you don't go to Rotorua, you will have missed many opportunities.