Friday, March 13, 2009

Sneak peek

This is for Kate who likes a sneak peek of the wedding photos. The wedding was thirty years ago this year. This is a sneak. As the photographer was my brother Charles sneaking around taking the photos. The official photographer took other pix which are still in my album and I didn't scan them. Now I don't have a scanner. You can see a pix of my wedding cake 

The wedding train was very very long. The dress was loaned to me by a Samoan friend. The Samoa custom for weddings is when a girl gets married, she is given many wedding dresses by her aunties. She doesn't wear all of them. I got to wear free of charge a brand new wedding dress.

It was summer, and the grass was pretty dry. 

The buildings are the back are Auckland University. You can see parts of Old Arts Building.


Anonymous said...

:) I like sneak peek into wedding photos too!

Unknown said...

wow...beautiful white gown and that train is dreamy. I always dreamt of such a wedding...mine was none of such sort unfortunately. I love weddings and especially old photos makes me very nostalgic. Thanks a million for sharing, big hugs for the week :D

Barry said...

It's fun to see older photos and to learn customs of other lands.
But you have me wondering if there is any jealousy when the bride chooses one aunt's dress to wear over another.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

you are right, Barry.

I know of this case about
the "wedding gown". It wasn't the white bridal gown, but the gown the bride wore later. The mum-in-law had commissioned her daughter to make a crimson red gown for her new daughter-in-law to wear. Her own mum had given her a pink gown to wear. For whatever reason known only to the daughter-in-law, she wanted to wear her mum's. Eventually she was persuaded to wear the Mum-in-law's gown symbollically for ten minutes. Of course, ten minutes wasn't enough for the mum-in-law. Hence there was a lot of jeolousy.