Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Strike Percussion Concert

Today, my school kids were wowed by Leni, Sam and Takumi of STRIKE.
The kids loved the energetic performance of these three guys, and so did the teachers.
Performances by STRIKE include the pre-match entertainment for the 2002 Bledisloe Cup at Jade Stadium, and the Australasian premiere of The Lord of The Rings — The Two Towers, in Wellington. 
Other significant events STRIKE have performed in:
a four city extended series of performances promoting New Zealand in China
a football stadium in Mexico (to 45,000 live and televised to 26 million!)
the Kidzone Festival in Invercargill

This is it millennium celebrations in the Auckland Domain
the "100% Pure New Zealand Lifestyle" Festival in Roppongi, Tokyo.

"STRIKE were a polished professional act that connected to audiences in all cities."

"[They] used an international art form — percussion — but gave a clear New Zealand flavour through their performance uniforms, integration of Pacifica drums and rhythm, through advertising that identified them as New Zealanders, and through their association with the exhibition."

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