Friday, March 20, 2009

Food in a minute evening with speaker Lana

During our Food in a minute social function in MT Albert Baptist Church, the organisers paid very close attention to the decor and presentation. My friend W displayed his Dutch candle sticks and shoe, and his  collection of tropical fruits (artistic ones) .

Thanks W for sharing. In another post, I will write on some of the fruits,  especially the Indonesian fruit Salak which people in Singapore call the snake skin fruit. In Sarawak, we call it the rattan fruit. It is known to cure kidney problems.


XUE said...

I do miss all these tropical fruits!

Unknown said...

Hey, I didnt know they called in snakeskin or rattan..only buah salak here. Yep, a favourite of mine though it's not sold everywhere, only in the kampung area. Happy weekend..and I did thought those fruit looked plastic at the beginning :D

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Hi Kate,

I held the fruits to take pix and they were heavy. W is a very artistic person, so I think they were ceramic or clay. They are fake but very nicely done, not the cheap plastic ones. Must ask him next time.

Re Salak fruit, the ones they sell in kampongs in Sarawak are small and the fruits are very sour. (This I like) We used to dip them in sugar and nibble a little, eating more sugar than fruit.mmmm! my saliva is oozing now.

The ones from Indonesia are big fat ones, with NO taste. The Indonesian fruit my friend B. brings them back and treats us. I have one bite, and I don't like it. My friends laugh at me. Like B., my sister says they are very good. May be cleans the kidney like that smelly bean (name I just forget)

You are right about the fruits looking fake. Especially the durian. I took apart the whole fruit bowl to photograph them. Fake or not, what to do, beggers can't be choosers, we can't get them here, except the big frozen Thai durian which look so uninviting. No, I will wait till I go to Singapore or Malaysia to eat durian. Next time I come, you treat me to the yummiest durian?