Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cat Cafe

I was one of the founding members of the Cat Cafe of NTU,  The philosophy was to feed stray cats, sterilise them and keep the stray cats population if control. I am glad on this trip, I met a present cat cafe member, and accompanied her as she fed the cats. Unfortunately, interest has dwindled.

These photos show why we have cat cafes. In a landed property area of more affluent Singapore, the brown with black patches stray has been harassing domesticated cats. I happened to walk pass this car when I heard the commotion. Snowy, the white cat was frightened off. My niece Jessie reassures her, even though it doesn't belong to her. "It's my friend's, that other cat is a big bully," she explains.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mt Albert Baptist Church Auckland.

Mt Albert Baptist Church supports our Olympic team in a special way.
Mt Albert Baptist Church
all ready and fired up for the Olympics? 
we certainly are! 
join us tomorrow from 7.15am - 
 just byo brekkie aka breakfast.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday Shoot out:Complementary Colors

I chose red and green, Christmas colours. Christmas in July???? ask those of you in the northern hemisphere. Yes, Christmas in July in New Zealand. It's winter here and we feel Christmassy. Even the Poinsettias which are plants associated with Christmas are in full bloom in my garden. 

Tutorial: Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors : on opposite sides of the color wheel

During Christmas in the park, 
I wore this hair band. 
I then wore it to school. 

Today is International Day of Kindness .
We think of the children who had died. 
Needless to say,
 my own Andrew who died 22 years ago. 
I bought this pair of booties for him. 

 On my husband's side table, 
Actually the green clock is mine, 
I went away for a month. 
Why he needs both clocks beats me.

Olive oil is healthy, now I buy in big cans.

Nini Tanzania was my saving grace
 when I was mourning for Andrew.
I was knew Nini Tanzania at NTU when I first arrived.
Nini gave me this set of cross stitch 
which is 1/2 meter by 1 meter.
I hibernated in the air conditioned room
 and finished it in 1 month.
People normally took months and months.
It was good seeing Nini again during this trip.
Nini had gone to Australia.
 and I had not seen her for years.
She couldn't recall this.
 This is for you, Nini. 
I put this at the corner of my living room.

Mint Chocolate biscuits.
 like they because they are not 
too sweet.too sweet.

My fruit lime green bowl with juicy apples. 

Even nature thinks Christmas in July is a great idea. 
By the way, when does you Poinsettas bloom?

My friend D made her own Christmas card. 

I need a big cup of coffee when I wake up to start the day. 

HELP!!!! I need a giant cup of coffee.
I don't know what has happened, 
first only part of the post was shown, 
I lost the photos on the draft.
 I am not going to change it anymore

I li nk this to FSO, Jama's photo appeared.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Looking for my roots: Public art

 I found recorded History, my Great grand Father, an educated Cantonese , a Siew Cai left China to manage a project clearing the jungle to plant rubber.
My mum was born here, she and my Dad were among the first children of these clan to be born in Sarawak.
This Mr Kong was the first of Mum's clan to lead her people to come.
They have huge slats of memorial plagues,
This Mr. Deng was the first leader of my Dad's clan.
With my friend Vanny.

For my save the world meme, it is important for future generations to know their roots. Lest they forget the hardship their forefather went through.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fridayshoot out: Bright and colourful.

Sarawak, Borneo Trip 2012

 I wore a fushion of their traditional Nyonya Kebaya, and a modern dress. It was very hot and we were traveling a lot. I didn't wear the sarong.

Awa doing the traditional  dance called the ngajat.
 We danced round a banana tree inside the long lounge of the long house. They invited the guest to join them. I was game and got up to join them, I wanted to show this to my students in New Zealand.

The first official program of the Kai Chung School Reunion was visiting an Iban long house. They put on a official welcome, Two lovely natives/Ibans/Sea dayaks came to welcome us. I went to talk with the beautiful Awa who is a senior in Binatangnor Government High School. I told her I taught in her school in 1978 before I went to New Zealand. This traditionl dress is very colourful.

Sorry I have not been posting, I am still on holiday.

My save the world meme, preserve your culture and teach your youngsters to be proud of your culture.

I will write more when I get back to New Zealand.

Monday, July 2, 2012


This meme helps you to remember what you did on the weekend of 30 June  Gattina.

I had the most fantastic weekend, I flew drom Singapore to Borneo, Kuching Sarawak to see the Orang Utans.

Photohunt: Fashion/My world Tuesday/outdoor Wed: Civic Centre, Kuching.

I invited myself to a Malay/Muslim wedding. And saw this lady wearing these beautiful jewellery.

 There is a sweet story behind this. I rang up my muslim friend, J who went to school with me. We had not seen each other for many many years. When I rang her, she said she was going to her niece wedding. I asked if I could go because I have never been to one. She invited me.
She told me the wedding was at this posh place, the Civic centre and she would wait for me. I arrived, and there were manyMuslim people there, but no sign of my friend J. I asked the official welcoming couple, and they didn't recognised the name of J. There were 2 weddings at the same time. After a long wait, I used my mobile and called my friend. I got the security guard to talk to her to make sure I was at the right place. The security guard told me to wait.
The official welcoming couple looked at me and waved at me. She said," Don't worry, you just come to the wedding party." Can you imagine the hospitality of the Sarawak people. What if I was pretending and was actually crashing their party.
I said, I would wait for a while. My friend J came with her 2 sisters. I was at the right venue. You should have seen the fashion at the party. But I am showing you the jewellery this lady who shared the table with me wore.

Thanks J, and your relative Rahaya.  Gattina, my brain is fried by the heat. I got muddled up by the theme.

The wedding was held here, the Civic centre or the Dewan Suasil.  The Malay band was waiting.