Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fridayshoot out: Bright and colourful.

Sarawak, Borneo Trip 2012

 I wore a fushion of their traditional Nyonya Kebaya, and a modern dress. It was very hot and we were traveling a lot. I didn't wear the sarong.

Awa doing the traditional  dance called the ngajat.
 We danced round a banana tree inside the long lounge of the long house. They invited the guest to join them. I was game and got up to join them, I wanted to show this to my students in New Zealand.

The first official program of the Kai Chung School Reunion was visiting an Iban long house. They put on a official welcome, Two lovely natives/Ibans/Sea dayaks came to welcome us. I went to talk with the beautiful Awa who is a senior in Binatangnor Government High School. I told her I taught in her school in 1978 before I went to New Zealand. This traditionl dress is very colourful.

Sorry I have not been posting, I am still on holiday.

My save the world meme, preserve your culture and teach your youngsters to be proud of your culture.

I will write more when I get back to New Zealand.


Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang said...

WoW!You're back for a reunion.

Autumn Belle said...

Wishing you a wonderful trip and pleasant memories, Ann!