Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cat Cafe

I was one of the founding members of the Cat Cafe of NTU,  The philosophy was to feed stray cats, sterilise them and keep the stray cats population if control. I am glad on this trip, I met a present cat cafe member, and accompanied her as she fed the cats. Unfortunately, interest has dwindled.

These photos show why we have cat cafes. In a landed property area of more affluent Singapore, the brown with black patches stray has been harassing domesticated cats. I happened to walk pass this car when I heard the commotion. Snowy, the white cat was frightened off. My niece Jessie reassures her, even though it doesn't belong to her. "It's my friend's, that other cat is a big bully," she explains.


Jo said...

You have a big heart Ann. I wish I had you near me to help create awareness of looking after cats in Shinyanga. I feed a number of cats in town but cannot get the "owners" to do it in my absence! Have a great day. Jo

wenn said...

that's great and cats are so cute!

Gemma Ann said...

Blessed are those who has compassion for stray animals.
Gosh, that is a lovely white cat.