Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fluffy: Guria, PNG bird

My friend living in Papua New Guinea posted on Facebook this Guria, a bird hunted by villages.

Pidgin for: "shaking". Can be used for shivering, twitching or earthquakes. The guria bird is the largest species of pigeon in the world (I think) and shakes it's tail back and forwards: hence its name.

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Goura victoria, is a large, bluish-grey pigeon with elegant blue lace-like crests, maroon breast and red iris. The bird may be easily recognized by the unique white tips on its crests. Both sexes are similar. It is on average 74 cm (29 in) long and weighs 2,384 grams (5.3 lbs). It is marginally larger than the other crowned pigeons on average and likely the largest species of pigeon of earth. Due to continuing habitat loss, being tame and easily hunted for its plumes and meat, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is evaluated as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is listed in Appendix II of CITES.

The crown fluffs out and hence, I am using this for my theme, fluffy.

"When I fluff my hat, I will have tea with the queen."

Their appetites are voracious. They’ll eat fruit, berries and nuts,

Here's my exchange of posts with Moh.

Moh Mee Sui This bird is called "Guria" in PNG, Have you seen it before?

It looks like an "ANGRY BIRD"!

Moh Mee Sui It looks angry because it was unlucky and caught by the hunter.

Ann Chin tell me more, as it killed? do people eat it?

Moh Mee Sui Ya, the villagers hunt them for food too, and many other animals.

Ann Chin Moh, is the guria endangered, how big? how heavy?

Moh Mee Sui As big as chicken about 3 or 4 kg maybe? Not sure, I never want to harm these poor birds and animals.

Ann Chin Can fly?

Moh Mee Sui Can fly but not far and high, only short distance. You are right, it looks very much like pigeon.

For more photos, go to Wiki.




March 3: Fluffy

Save the world: Toy Library: Serving the Community

Marion in red top.

Every Wednesday, I take time off from school and volunteer teaching adults English as a second language. Another group of ladies are volunteering their time to serve the wider community.

I see mums lugging big toys with their toddlers in toll. Toys that my children never played with because I could never afford them or want to spend my money buying them, even though my husband was an engineer.

What lucky women, what lucky kids. I thought to myself.

Then I was told, they didn't buy them. They were utilizing the services of the Toy Library operated on the premises of the Mt Albert Baptist Church Office Building.

The library is supervised by Marion Bain and her band of merry ladies. Say, there are very friendly, I can vouch for that because I saw them. I asked Marion about the funding, and she told me the Toy Library we hire the building off the church.

What about the funding? As I look around the well equipped library. Marion says: Donations are always welcome, and as the Toy Library is a charity, they get funding from various sources.

Ka Pai Marion, and all her helpers.

The Toy Library is at 732 New North Road, in Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. Remember, it is at the older officer building, go up the ramp and towards the back.

It is opened on Tuesday and Wednesday, 9.15 -11.15am, and during the school terms only.

There is a small charge: $40 per family a year, if you have a community service card, $20.

Borrowing: Toys range from 50c to $3 per issue (2 weeks borrowing time)

Duties: 2 per year (2x2hr blocks)

I must say, this small amount is nothing, considering the quality of toys available. Besides, children get tired of their toys very quickly. I must say this is a very good idea. Even if you can afford lots of toys, you won't end up with your house all cluttered up with toys your children no longer want to play with.

And on the plus side if the social aspect, I am sure you will make friends you meet in the library, especially on the day you do your duties. This might even be a good item on your CV, when your kids are grown, and have no experience. You have customer contact. This is my own opinion.

I wonder if there are similar Toy Libraries in other places of the world. I like to hear about it.

Contact Marion:627 0083, you could call by for a visit.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizza making in school 3.

We are very lucky to have the students from Diocesan school for girls to help us build our pizza oven. Under the instruction of Ron Sperber of earthwhile.co.nz, they and our senior students built what I dub as a traditional oven using traditional material and traditional method.

I will post more on this. I spoke with Ron briefly and he told me he is involved with http://earthwhile.co.nz/composting_kids-dvd/ which falls nicely with my Save the world theme. They used wood chip, dirt and sand, PLUS a lot of elbow/ankle grease.

Some of my students said they would not do the mixing. Another said, he would wear his shoes.


What a great experience our students had.




Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photohunt: Old

We have a Motat, Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT). MOTAT opened in 1964 and is the largest museum of transport, technology and social history in New Zealand, housing a number of outstanding collections. Encompassing 40 acres, on two sites, it presents a fascinating and informative record of many of the technological developments that have helped shape New Zealand. Major collections include Road Transport, Early Auckland, Primary Industries, Medical and Dental and Pioneers of Aviation. MOTAT is also proud to have a working Tram Section, and a large aviation collection including a Lancaster bomber and a Solent flying boat.

The museum is built on the site that once pumped water drawn from Western Springs Lake to early Auckland homes and businesses. The Pumphouse, with its magnificent Beam Engine, is now a focal point ­ it is one of only three working Beam Engines in the world.

The Pumphouse is one of two original buildings on the site, the other being the Engineer's Cottage in the Victorian Village.

http://gattina-keyholepictures.blogspot.com/2011/11/list-of-photo-hunting-themes.htm display old things.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday stills: Trees

Hi Linda,

Random trees are easy here, but following a tree for one year may be hard, perhaps we can follow it every season, and then have a great finale.

Sunday Stills-Trees
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Sara from Punkin’s Patch suggested this weeks challenge……great minds think alike because I was out on a little photo trip and thought the same thing. Trees…….naked in this part of the world yet. I think a four seasons challenge with the same tree would be great too in the future.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Plunket and me.

I’ve signed up as an online collector for Plunket's 2012 Appeal.

Plunket’s Appeal raises vital funds for a wide variety of services , such as parenting education courses, car seat safety schemes, education in schools, toy libraries and many other valuable resources and programmes.

In the 80s, I was a young mum 3 times. I had no family in New Zealand. Plunket was family to me. Plunket's care was epitomised when I was sick when I was pregnant with Andrew and after he had died. I could never repay what Plunket did for me. I tried by collecting door to door, I tried by writing about Plunket. I wrote in detail about Plunket's help in my book and in my other posts.

Diary of a bereaved Mother http://annkitsuetchin.blogspot.co.nz/


These services rely on community support to keep going. Your support will assist Plunket to give every New Zealand child the best start in life.

Please consider making a small donation, every dollar counts. Thank you for your support!

This year they're trying something a bit different: an online version of the traditional street collection. Please click on this link:

ann Chin

Friday shootout: Motion

Motion: you will have to use your imagination for the motion here. I tell my students to put of their green thinking cap.

link to Mr Linky at the Friday shoot out link below.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Save the world: Use Doggy bags.

I really hate it when I see irresponsible dog owners when they take their pooches to public places and leave behind their dogs' poo.

In many Auckland parks, there are these green dog reminding people to take a plastic bag and clean up after their dogs' poo.

Once, I was with another teacher getting a public park ready for our cross country run. Among where the littlies were going to sit, was a mount of dog turd. I could have look away, but my conscience won't let me leave the repulsive stinking mess which some poor kid would definitely sit on. I was cross, I was furious. I went to the car for some tissue paper to clean it up. It was a horrible stinking mess.

I told another teacher who has a dog. She said she always uses a doggy bag. She apologises for some of the silly people.

The next day, I taught my kids about social responsiblities. Some kids asked why I bothered to clean it up.

I asked. What if I didn't?

They laughed, they were sure a little one who sit on it would cry.

Does your city have a little green dog?


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My world Tue/Outdoor Wednesday: Red and Black in New Zealand.

Today is the first anniversary of the earthquake that struck New Zealand at 12.51 pm, and killed 185 people.

We join our Canterbury/Christchurch family by wearing red and black, their colour. The children had to give a gold coin donation to the Christchurch Relief Fund.

Here our children play on our newest equipment, the eagle's nest.



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Save the world: Garbage Enzyme

I am rather a laggard in experimenting in this exercise of turning garbage into Enzyme.

In 2009, I visited Malaysia and Singapore and I was introduced to making a multi purpose cleanser. A friend whose husband is a university professor gave me some leaflets of information of how a Thai inventor had started this. I was naturally sceptical. What good can come out of a third world country like Thailand.

Recently, I was talking to my sister E who had just retired as a school principal. I was telling her about my over abundance of plums from my plum trees. We talked about Enzyme, and she was very happy with hers. She said her floor was very clean after using it. I felt convinced to give it a try.

Here it is.

The proportion is 1 part brown sugar, 3 parts fruit and/or vegetable waste, 10 parts of water.


1: Mix sugar with water, add the fruit/veg, orange/lemon peels will give a nice citrus smell.

2: Fill in air tight plastic containers/bottles, leaving about 2 inches for fermentation.

Here it is.

The proportion is 1 part brown sugar, 3 parts fruit and/or vegetable waste, 10 parts of water.


1: Mix sugar with water, add the fruit/veg, orange/lemon peels will give a nice citrus smell.

2: Fill in air tight plastic containers/bottles, leaving about 2 inches for fermentation.

3: Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated area.

4: Do not put it where there is direct sunlight.

5: After the first week, slowly open the cap to release gas, be sure not to shake the bottle.

6: Push the floating veg downward every once in a while.

7: Ferment for at least 3 months.

8: Filter and it is ready for use. You get a brownish fluid.

9: The solids can be put in the garden as fertiliser. Some people recycle this to restart a new batch.

10: Add about 1 tablespoon to your normal washing solution.


I made my batch, and am using it. The dishes are less oily, but it could be psychological.

I asked my friends in Malaysia, one told me an interesting use, her husband sprays it in her bird cage, and gives the cage a good smell.

Some people make a lot of claims about being environmentally friendly and saving money. I don't know about saving money, because you spent quite a bit on the brown sugar. Environmentally friendly, perhaps, since you reduce the use of detergent. I am still experimenting, I have started a batch with my apples.

Please give me your opinion.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunday Stills: texture

I often blindfold my students and get them to feel, smell, mould an object and then talk about it. It is amazing how much fun they have. These, I think is texture.

Sunday Stills-Textures, February 19th by Shirley


Friday, February 17, 2012

Students in Accredited Online Graduate Schools Still Need Tutoring Programs

With web technology, students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees from anywhere in the world. Many American universities offer graduate degree programs online that students from any country can access. Earning a degree from accredited online graduate schools allows students to create opportunities that include better jobs, better wages and more fulfilling work.

On occasion, students working at any level need some supplemental instruction. Enrolling in a tutorial program will help students to strengthen their weaker academic areas with one-on-one instruction. Kip McGrath Education Centres offer tutoring for students of all ages so that anyone can succeed no matter what their educational level.

On occasion, students working at any level need some supplemental instruction. Enrolling in a tutorial program will help students to strengthen their weaker academic areas with one-on-one instruction. Kip McGrath Education Centres offer tutoring for students of all ages so that anyone can succeed no matter what their educational level.

Every child, teenager and adult has the right to reach their full learning potential. With over 190 Kip McGrath Education Centres across Australia, and more than 30 years experience, our speciality learning programs are designed to help everyone shine: from pre-schoolers to university students. 

Mums & Dads: Give your child the confidence to do their best at school by enrolling them in our private tutoring programs. Study courses are motivating, fun and engaging! 

Students: Boost your study skills and marks, set yourself a challenge, or complete an online learning course. 

I think Kip McGrath is like the tution centres that is sprouted all over in Singapore and Malaysia. The parents feel that the public system has faihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifled their and they need to spend a lot of money to boost their kids.

It was never like this in New Zealand, but it is catching up.

I just wonder why the building has no windows? Do you wonder?

It was reported in UK, a family of gifted kids with the mum from Malaysia had the kids studying in a cold basement. The parents argue that the lack of distraction helped the kids concentrate. What like of philosophy is that?


Photo hunting: Circles

Our school has an open policy, there is no gate to lock people out. But some people stetch this policy too much by coming with their dogs. Once a child got bitten by a dog. We had to say, sorry no dogs. Sometimes some idiots tie the dogs just by the entrance and go and wait for their kids. The poor dogs get tired and hot, and start to bark a lot. Ot can be quite menacing to small children who don't have dogs, and to big people like me. I have a phobia because a neighbour dog caused a few stitches in my bum.

This Chinese pattern was on the front a of pocket/bag that I put outside my teaching space. Last years Chinese New Year was when school had just strated so, I did a lot of Chinese New Year Activities. TThis year, it was during the holidays, so I didn't do anything.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

FSO: Hearts

February 17 - Hearts. Heart shapes or places near and dear to your heart.

link to Mr Linky at the Friday shoot out link below.