Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo hunt: Vintage

This vintage English letterbox is for my British Blogging friend Scriptor Senex. I know he likes letter boxes because I remember him telling me. We also belong to a club which you don't want to belong to.

Scriptor Senex and I are bereaved parents and we sadly are forced to belong to the Bereaved parents club. Scriptor lost a baby, David, to SIDS twenty six years ago and while it no longer hurts they way it does initially it still hurts. David's anniversary is on the anniversary of his death, February 20th.

Thank you for your kind comment: "I loved your comment - "A baby lost is like reflections in the mirror, yes, you had him/her. Then he/she is gone." I'd like to mention it on my blog some time "

Thank you Gattina for this Vintage topic.

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Jama said...

That's something the postman can't find here!