Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Save the world: Use Doggy bags.

I really hate it when I see irresponsible dog owners when they take their pooches to public places and leave behind their dogs' poo.

In many Auckland parks, there are these green dog reminding people to take a plastic bag and clean up after their dogs' poo.

Once, I was with another teacher getting a public park ready for our cross country run. Among where the littlies were going to sit, was a mount of dog turd. I could have look away, but my conscience won't let me leave the repulsive stinking mess which some poor kid would definitely sit on. I was cross, I was furious. I went to the car for some tissue paper to clean it up. It was a horrible stinking mess.

I told another teacher who has a dog. She said she always uses a doggy bag. She apologises for some of the silly people.

The next day, I taught my kids about social responsiblities. Some kids asked why I bothered to clean it up.

I asked. What if I didn't?

They laughed, they were sure a little one who sit on it would cry.

Does your city have a little green dog?


Ginny Hartzler said...

We don't have dogs of any color, let alone green. I wish we did because this is a good idea. Way to GO, you went out of your way to clean up someone else's mess! Lots of people walk their dogs on our street, and I see little bags in their hands. But there was one person who let his dog stop at the edge of our yard end poop every day!! And they left it here! Phil waited for them one morning to ask them to make the dog go somewhere else, not in anyone's yard.

eileeninmd said...

Hi Ann, I wish more people would clean up after there pets in public places. You were very nice to do the cleaning, you have a great message here! I like the cute green dog.

Ensurai said...

I like it when dog owners bring their little poo bags with them...and also many public places in OZ have poo bags in obvious places...and in Brunei some parks don't allow dogs at all.

I believe in most Malaysian parks dogs are not allowed.