Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thursday Theme Song: Let Justice Prevail.

Mt Albert Baptist Church. This is my church family. Church is not just building. Church is the people who worship there. Day of Prayer on Friday 2nd March 2012.

The origins of the Women's World Day of Prayer go back to the 19th century. The aim was to support women both at home and abroad. The first church services in Britain were held in the 1930s. Nowadays, a service is held all round the world on the first Friday in March every year. The women of one country, a different one chosen each year, write the words for the service. These words are then translated into over sixty languages and a thousand dialects. In return, the prayers of women throughout the world are focused on that country. This year it is the turn of Malaysia. Here women face difficulties, discrimination, and violence at all levels of society. The theme of the service is "Let justice prevail".

The Women's World Day of Prayer will be celebrated in Frenchay this year. Frenchay Parish Church will be one of many churches throughout the country and the world, taking part in a 36-hour wave of prayer that starts at dawn in Tonga and finishes in Western Samoa on the same day.

In New Zealand we Celebrate this World Day of Prayer om Friday 2nd March 2012. The focus country is Malaysia. My home church Mt Albert Baptist Church is hosting this. In New Zealand, this day is celebrated for men, women and family. Today, I attended a planning meeting at St Mary's Roman Catholic Church. It was attended by the various churches in the Mt Albert Area. Michelle is leading the preparation with lots of help from all the ladies.

It is so special when my home church here in New Zealand is hosting a service for my country of birth. We were meeting in a chruch which has the same name as the chuch I attended when I was growing up. I bought a Sarong Kebaya, and I told my Kai sisters that I had not "open ceremony" it yet. This would be a perfect occasion.

Let Justice Roll Down

by Chris Christensen

Let justice roll down
Like a mighty river
Let righteousness flow on and on
'Til the desert becomes
Like the garden of Eden
Where the nations will come and be healed
And the glory of God is revealed

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord
Acknowledge the depths of your sin
And let the ungodly man turn to the Lord
He will have mercy on him

Love one another and learn to forgive
Walk in His marvelous light
Reflect the radiance of God as you live
Blameless and pure in His sight
Open your hearts to the poor and depressed
Let them see the Father in you
Open your ears to the cries of the lost
Then God will listen to you

© 1998 Integrity's Hosanna! Music

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Day of Prayer om Friday 2nd March 2012.


Reader Wil said...

You are right : Church is not just a building! It's a warm loving, caring community, where you belong and be missed when you are away for a couple of weeks.

Ginny Hartzler said...

This will be really special!! I like seeing a picture of your church, too. Church members are really like family.

Unknown said...

You are so right about the church. Buildings wont mean anything until we have people inside, then it means everything. Yes, I read about the kfc thing and even saw the video. Many said that the customer provoked the kfc guys...which I think its true. All because there were not enough chicken...what have become of us, fighting over chickens haha!!