Thursday, December 28, 2017

Shampooing your hair

Was please this salon had a shampooing bed. 

I did a post about the shampoo chair and how it might not be good with sudden jerks. Today I was pampered in hui chew. And they have a shampoo bed which is much more comfortable. I remember reading about head strokes.

 By Dr. Mercola
In 2013, Elizabeth Williams, a California mother of two, did something you’ve probably done many times yourself: visited a hair salon for a cut and routine wash. Several days later, she began experiencing strange symptoms indicative of stroke, including weakness on her left side.
The act of extending her neck over the shampoo bowl was deemed to be the culprit, although it’s unclear if the condition resulted solely from a kink in the neck or in combination with a certain head movement caused by the stylist.2
Smith, who subsequently filed a lawsuit against the salon, conducted an informal poll of her friends’ stylists and found 80 percent were familiar with the possibility that you could have a stroke while getting your hair washed.3

What Causes Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome?

When your neck is hyperextended over the edge of a shampoo bowl, the pressure and/or whiplash-like motions on your neck can lead to a tear in the vertebral artery, which supplies blood to your brain. Dr. Steven R. Zeiler, head of stroke research at Johns Hopkins, told BuzzFeed:4
“When one of those cervical 
Having your hair washed is not the only act that can cause this — far from it — although it’s very rare, even when all potential causes are considered.
In a conversation with The Atlantic, Dr. Richard Bernstein, medical director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, explained that the phenomenon can occur due to innocent stretching, sneezing or even getting out of bed wrong in the morning, noting, “It is so rare that it’s a waste of time to worry about it. It’s so unlikely, and there’s really nothing you can do to prevent it.”5

Monday, December 25, 2017

Festival of lights

Khuang Zhou

Massage by stepping on you

Massage style where therapist holds on rail and steps on u. Ashiatsu
This ancient practice -- which involves a massage therapist literally walking on your back -- has been performed by Buddhist monks for centuries and is now available in various forms across America.


Old chinese stove

In southern china

Cat cafe

I remember starting the first cat cafe in Singapore with my friends in ntu. We rescued strays. We didn't have that cuppa

The Cat Lounge on Auckland's North Shore is home to 20 cats & kittens and is the purrfect place to relax & unwind.
Walk-ins welcome - Bookings are recommended
Ph: 0800 228 223

Mock imperial exams

Ancient chinese examination
 We were in a guided tour in the Ming's court. We were led to an examination booth. to sit for the Siew Cai exam. I failed as I didn't know the words. This guy and gal passed the exams with flying colours.
He later told me the results were posted on the desk. He was sure it was by random. I want my money back. They should have a translated copy.

Jingjiang Princes' Palace (Chinese: 靖江王府; pinyin: Jìngjiāng Wángfǔ) is a historical site in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. It now functions as both Guangxi Normal University and as a tourist attraction.[1]

The Chinese imperial examinations were a civil service examination system in Imperial China to select candidates for the state bureaucracy. Although there were imperial exams as early as the Han dynasty, the system became widely utilized as the major path to office only in the mid-Tang dynasty, and remained so until its abolition in 1905. Since the exams were based on knowledge of the classics and literary style, not technical expertise, successful candidates were generalists who shared a common language and culture, one shared even by those who failed. This common culture helped to unify the empire and the ideal of achievement by merit gave legitimacy to imperial rule, while leaving clear problems resulting from a systemic lack of technical and practical expertise.
At 18, Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok was a Xiu Cai (an equivalent of a bachelor’s degree). He was the only Xiu Cai in the village. Unfortunately, because the family was poor, he could not pursue his further studies to the ultimate the Zhuangyuan(状元),Great-Grand Father was headhunted and offered the position of the “governor”, the head of this big company Kong Nan Seng Agricultural Co, in August, 1907. He led the second batch of Cantones, a group of bachelors, to Sibu. He was to lead a few more journeys, the 3rd where my grandfather came. This group including women and children.
Great Father co -founded a school for the children of immigrants. This school still exist.
Today, my family went to a New Zealand forest. I was thinking, great grandfather would be laughing to call this a forest, compared this to the thick primary jungle when he first came to Borneo.


Friday, December 22, 2017

Letter X for Christmas ham

Something sinfully tasty is my brother Charles' ham. Charles is a lawyer by trade but I suspect he is secretly wishing to be Masterchef Australia. Here he is, sharing with my son his secret recipe.

Letter X for Xmas ham.

skin, it is full of collagen, and is good for your skin.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

ABC Letter Z for zoom

This is the roof top of my cousin's house in China. Can you see the long track?  Imagine the high speed rail zooming every fifteen minutes.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Abc letter y

Vegetable chips from Vietnam. The purple colours are yam or taro.  They are very nice

Friday, December 15, 2017

ABC letter X.for exposed

Image result for butter

My funniest story was I was in Form 4 aged 15, my sister in Form 1 aged 12. She decided to make some cookies she learn from school. She went to the only grocery shop in the neighbourhood. 

When we opened the can, it had gone runny. I was not scared and went and asked for a refund. 

The towkay aka the boss refused, and said," You must have bought it long ago."

I said, "we just bought it. "

He went to his stock of Golden Churn Butter, shook them, and threw them on the floor, saying @@##$ at the same time, he gave us our refund. They were exposed to the heat.

We didn't make our cookies, but we felt very triumph. It was a time when consumers didn't dare ask for a refund.

Mum couldn't believe her two gutsy girls.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ABC letter W for wall.

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My husband's people were "guest" people in China. They came to his Cantonese people and encroached their land. They build this "Fort" to protect themselves. This structure was walled in and very dark. The windows were one brick size. This was built two hundred years ago.
If my husband were born in China, he too would live here. His grand dad, two two siblings to the southseas.
Image may contain: sky, house and outdoor

Monday, December 11, 2017

A rescued dog becomes a much loved dog

Seegull was abandoned and adopted.

Coconut from a vending machine

Saw in shenzen.

Prohibited plant at Shanghai airport

Saw a few items but were stopped from taking more photos. 
Nepenthes, also called tropical pitcher plant or monkey cup, genus of carnivorous pitcher plants that make up the only genus in the family Nepenthaceae (order Caryophyllales). About 140 species are known, mostly native to Madagascar, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Have a cup of tea

Cup of green tea

Summer is here

A splash of colour

a young contributor.letter V

a monthly magazine from the 1960s called "The Dolphin"? It was published by the Borneo Literature Bureau, which was a body owned by the Sarawak Government and formed in 1959.
I contributed to this and earned a princely sum of $5.  A very valuable experience for a teenager, My first paid writing. I wrote an article. The midnight feast. Was paid five dollars. Little did I know that would pave the way I would write books.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Is it Utopia?

In 1907, my great grand father brought  his sons and families to be pioneers to develop Borneo. Some of the families remained in this hot tropical land. We have become professionals, and they in China living in a land where time has forgotten.

This year, 2017 I went back to Kwong Ning, home of my ancestors, home of the bamboo plant for the first time. Now, nobody comes to collect them even for joss sticks. My cousin chops some for firewood, and the blade like joints for firewood for cooking and heating.

We went from 26 degree in Kwang Zhou. To 16 in Kwang Ning to 10 in Guilin in three days.

Cousin Pui Hang showed me the abandoned buildings. Here, was a crude probe to the entrance. I asked Pui Hang if she ever wished her Dad never wished he had remained in Borneo.

She asked," it seems to be Utopia, but is it?"

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dined like a queen in Nanjing China

+86 25 8360 7888
Hu Nan Road ShiZi Qiao 29, Nanjing, China

Treated and dined like a queen. 28 morsels person. I ordered a normal portion of escargot. Friends from 34 years ago, hui min and Fong land wanted to show us Nanking small eat

Image may contain: people sitting and foodImage may contain: 1 person, sitting, table, indoor and food

Friday, October 20, 2017

Blunt Umbrellas

used to have this scenario, now with NZ design umbrella, it should be wonderful not having to ditch a broken umbrella. Just hope it is not too heavy and expensive.

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