Friday, December 15, 2017

ABC letter X.for exposed

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My funniest story was I was in Form 4 aged 15, my sister in Form 1 aged 12. She decided to make some cookies she learn from school. She went to the only grocery shop in the neighbourhood. 

When we opened the can, it had gone runny. I was not scared and went and asked for a refund. 

The towkay aka the boss refused, and said," You must have bought it long ago."

I said, "we just bought it. "

He went to his stock of Golden Churn Butter, shook them, and threw them on the floor, saying @@##$ at the same time, he gave us our refund. They were exposed to the heat.

We didn't make our cookies, but we felt very triumph. It was a time when consumers didn't dare ask for a refund.

Mum couldn't believe her two gutsy girls.

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