Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday stills: Fabrics

Last year, I went to a course Teaching English as a second language. One of the task I had to do was "Seasons" I made a coffee table book, and my mentor suggested that I could make miniature clothing. It was like when I was a child again.

I am invited to talk about Chinese New Year and these Red clothes come just handy.

The Next Challenge: Fabrics

Sounds a bit silly but it will be a fun challenge, not only are we looking for fabrics but use some macro skills and show the texture of some fabrics as well…:-)


eastcoastlife said...

My family was poor when I was a young child. My Mom was a dressmaker and there was so much beautiful scraps of fabric left from her dressmaking. I would sew clothings for the discarded dolls from my Mom's customers. Happy childhood memories.

Ed said...

Great shots, when I was a kid my mom made me some clothes too.:-)

Anonymous said...

Great shot and pretty too :)

Shirley said...

Cute little clothes!