Friday, April 26, 2013

The Lashop: Photography

I saw The light: I Bought Good Lights
I used to naively think that lighting in photography was just a sham, that it wasn’t really important. That was before I got some lighting kits and I saw my work take a noticeable step forward. It’s funny to think back on the time when I was stupid enough to think I could outsmart the camera, that perhaps my eye and my keen sense of exposure time and aperture would help my photos look amazing, without good lighting. Man, was I dumb. It’s so important to use proper photography lighting, and these days it’s easy to get what you want at and it doesn’t even cost that much. You know, that’s not the only thing I used to think about photography either. I used to really think that you could take fantastic pictures really candidly without anyone noticing, and in a way that made them look like they were watching you. I had a lot of crazy thoughts as a young photographer. I used to not use all the film, because you couldn’t be sure about the last few slides. I also used to make slides out of all of my pictures because I thought that was the only way to truly assess whether the photos were good or not. I was not very good at what I was doing. Sometimes you can fail at something for years and then have a realization that binds everything together in your brain and all your work – all that work that you thought was wasted – actually turns out to help lead you to a much different, and better path. That’s what happened to me, and I remember when I made that transition. It felt like what I imagine sinner coke heads to feel when they become born again, and then become president!

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if I have equipment like this, my photos will be professional.