Friday, July 31, 2009

Mulu caves: Artist Wilson

Fancy meeting a fellow New Zealander at the Royal Mulu Resort. Wilson told me he came from Scotland but had been living in New Zealand, in fact in Auckland. Kia Ora I said.

Wilson was up in a tiny stage painting. There was a banner which said Artist, Poet and Musician. I was relaxing at the resort's lounge when I saw him painting. I wanted to take a photo of him but was afraid he did not want to be disturb. Instead he was very friendly when I went up to talk to him. He showed me his red scottish tartan hat. He told me he was comissioned by the resort as the resident artist for 6 months. I asked if it was Ok if I did a post on him, and he gladly gave me his card. "Simply Wilson."


amuse me said...

Hi Ann - Good to hear from you. Yes, we enjoy ginger and wasabi with all the sushi dishes. Oh darn, now I'm hungry for some more! :) M

Barry said...

Scots get everywhere, don't they! What a great idea for a resort to have a resident artist!