Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My world Tuesday: Train ride

The Mt Albert Baptist Church ESOL teachers, helpers and associates went on a train ride to Swanson in West Auckland. I enjoyed the trip and the fellowship.

We were looking at a wall along the track. The ivy leaves have fallen, and shows the veins of the plants. A friend comments that by growing ivy on the wall, it deters graffiti. What a good idea.

My friendly conductor Baar, he welcomed us on board and was very helpful. He even helped with carrying a walker off the train.

On the way back, it was after school time. There were two handsome New Zealand Maori wardens. My conjecture is by having two young friendly wardens on board, it helps deter rowdy students. Indeed, the train was very clean and the students well behaved. They were very happy for me to take their photo.


While on the train, I thought of the Swiss National Fricker who drew graffiti on the Singapore MRT train. He was sentenced to five months, three strokes of the cane. Friends living in Singapore told me that it was so well drawn that it wasn't noticed as a graffiti until a couple of days later.

I wonder why he did it. Did he really think as art where in some cases, artists are invited to draw. or did he want to challenge the authorities as to see what The Singapore Government was going to do, in view of the high profile case of Michael Fay, the American teenager who was court and caned.

I personally do not like graffiti, and don't like people spoiling people's properties.

I checked and see how Singaporeans reacted, and these are some of the responses.

While I sympathize with the Swiss national who will undoubtedly face the punishment, I have this to tell any foreigners or country who expect a more lenient outcome.

Singapore has always been known for strict laws with severe punishment to fit the crime. Anyone who thinks he or she can get away because their country will protest and threaten blackmail – there is no other word for their threats – let it be know that Singapore SHOULD NEVER BOW OR BE COWED INTO SUBMISSION!
If a slack society is required to draw foreign talents, I am sure the brains we seek are not so easily tempted!

Do we want a society of ruffians like in some so-called first world countries?

We do need a draconian system for peace and security.This is indeed the prime reason why foreigners, especially investors really want from our island…. a good place for business and to live in. I am perturbed if these holligans ,thinking that they are protected by their own country rules and so-called world human rights group to allow them to be just given a fine and a warning. We , Singaporeans, need our human right for the safety of our homes and families. I will advocate a very strong punishments on these two “clowns” by our court of justice.

I think Singapore should impose stricter laws and heavier sentences with regards to this kind of unlawful and outrageous behaviour as these people have totally no qualms about Singapore’s system. They want to do this act, they can do it in their own country,not in a foreign country. ‘When in Rome , do what the Romans do’ . Because he has done something wrong in Singapore, he should be dutily punished according to Singapore’s law but not listening to foreign countries’ stupid comment or act. Wooden Cane ya? 20 strokes and a fine of $200,000 would be considerable. He has desecrate Singapore’s image in terms of security,etc.


khengsiong said...

City transit aside, I haven't ridden a train for many years. The train in Malaysia is just too slow, and plagued by delays...

Reader Wil said...

They should punish the graffiti drawers in my country too! Good on Singapore! Thanks
for the visit and comment.This performance is not my cuppa tea ,
but if you hear it played by an Aborigene in a cave it sounds very mysterious. I have a didgeridoo made by an Aborigene artist in Hopevale. He is an uncle of my daughter's ex-husband. I can't play it for I didn't master the circular breathing.

eileeninmd said...

I have not been on a train or public transportation in a long time. Great post, Ann

Jama said...

The only train I've rode are the ones in Sydney, it's double deck and quiet clean. The Malaysian railways I've never rode, perhaps I better do before they move out of Keppel station next year. The only train I've rode almost daily is the MRT train! lol

Because of the strict rules and hefty fines/jail term, we managed to keep our city clean and graffiti free.

Eden said...

Great post, Ann. I always take train in going to the city. It is much quicker.

Have a nice day always.

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed your insights, Ann. Thank you.

Rajesh said...

Wonderfulpost. Singapore is known for strict rules. This is one the reason the city is clean to great extent.

Ah Ngao said...

he may think he's quite a good hand at graffiti but his real intention is to make a mockery out of the Singapore's authority.

jay said...

I have always been a believer in the maxim 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do', which means if you travel to a foreign country, you must obey the local customs and laws, and if you do not, you must submit to local law. I would go further, and say that if you wish to live in a foreign country, you should make every attempt to learn the local language.

The only concern I have is that sometimes the laws are difficult for a casual visitor to know, or understand. Perhaps a leaflet should be available at entry points (stations, airports etc), which outline the main points in the most commonly spoken world languages, and let us know where to find out more?

Inday said...

Trip and fellowship go hand in hand together especially if it is culminated in barbeque. How fun!

In America, graffiti is intended for murals as an Arts, for attraction. Here in Australia some vandals would mess it. Annoying trait from irresponsible people who cannot stand cleanliness.

Love your train. Something like the train in Melbourne if I remember it right.

Can't post comment to your photoblog, so I come over here.

have a lovely day Ann.