Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday shootout: Answers

The white spot is a snow flake. A joy to behold from anyone from the tropics seeing snow for the first time.

I gave away the answer on my Sunday still post.

Yes, it is a bowl of rice, but the answer is more than that. It is a special bowl of glutinous rice fermented to give a mellow rice wine flavour. It is made by the Northern Chinese. It can be eaten as a dessert or drank as a mild wine. My friend gave it to me. The hole is in the middle is where you scoop the wine from.
"The theme for August 20th is "What Am I?"
One, two or three mysterious photos of something in your town. Something that will not be readily recognized. We shall all have fun guessing what it may be. And I am suggesting that you schedule on your blog the whole picture of the "What Am I?" on Sunday. (so we all can check back and see if we guessed right!) I know this theme is different than what we have ever done. Hoping it will be something new and fresh and get us out there shooting and thinking.

Happy Shooting!!
Posted by Doreen

Sorry I participated this week's challenge late.


Reader Wil said...

A bowl of rice wine!! That must taste very good. I have never drunk that!
I can imagine that you get excited about snow; I still am, for I grew up in a tropical country too!
Yes Laura, the young Dutch girl started, her voyage yesterday. I hope she will make it and cope with the loneliness.

Kim, USA said...

I eat rice everyday, but never tasted a rice wine!! I have to find a rice wine here ^_^

GingerV said...

How cool is that - what is the recipe for the wine.... Camillo would love this.

Arija said...

Ann the results were the only possible good out come. It means that whoever assumes government will not be able to pass any bill they please. I have no respect for either party and the greens too have some crackpot notions but at least there will, i hope, be real debate in parliament not just the usual childish mudslinging. We might not have had a hung parliament for some 80 years but we were definitely needing one. Neither party put any relevant policies forward so it was a matter of votig against whoever you liked least.

At least we did have that chance!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Well, I did get this a bit right. I've not heard of this rice and would like to taste (or drink) it.

Ensurai said...

Hi...the bowl of fermented is just like our tapeh...three or four days old and you get a sweet wine ....lovely to eat the sweet rice too...thanks for the sharing.

Tammie Lee said...

have you visited the snow recently?
I like the idea of the rice, would you be willing to share the recipe?

Yes, those are fern spores that are on the underneath side of the leaves on my photo.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Ann, interesting, the things one can learn coming to your place, amazing! So many different foods to taste.
To answer your question about voting, I agree with Arija's answer. A hung parliament is the best to happen for the moment.
Thank you for following my new blog.

farmlady said...

You never cease to amaze me with some of the interesting things that you write about.... things I have never heard of before. Is this a homemade version of Sake? This is so interesting.
I understand the wonderful feeling of being in snow. I was raised in a mild climate that didn't produce much snow at all. When we had a winter that gave us some, it was an exciting joyful time. I still feel that way.

Unknown said...

ah ha! you tricked us with the snow. good one Ann.