Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunday stills:Emotions

What emotions do you have when you think of breast mammograms? Ouch???? Relief?? Thankfullness?

Today, I was at our Waitangi Festival celebrations as a recycling educator. Next to my station were the Breast cancer awareness ladies. I told them I support them, and they noticed my two pink bangs.

It was a very hot day, Miriam, Andrea and Elisabeth were there the whole day like me doing their educating. Ka Pai.

I just had my mammogram done last week, yes. It is an Ouch, but it is worthed it.
I am very lucky, twice I had breast surgeries to remove lumps in my breast. For a long time, I wear these two inches long scar and mis-shapen nipple. It's been so long ago that I have forgotten I have them, though they are still there. I showed them to a friend when she just had her surgery. She was very thankful. If I didn't feel troubled by them, she too would learn to accept hers.

It was exactly thirty years ago when I had the first surgery. I was in this open ward where there were many old White and Maori women. They came and gave me big hugs and said," You poor thing." The lump was non cancerous, they just nicked a little of it. Ten years later, they found another lump, and another surgery.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Emotions
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This weeks challenge it to post pics that will cause an emotion in the person who checks out your blog, not your emotion. Any emotion will do, this will be a fun challenge and try not to use archives, but they will work in a pinch..:-))


Ed said...

Relief deffinatly, the grilled octopus..yech, but I guess to some folks a delicious treat..:-)

Anonymous said...

Fascinating post. Thanks.

All the best, Boonie

Brenda said...

glad that the mammogram is over! and yes, I felt relief over your diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

I never minded getting my mammograms. A little discomfor to save my life. I bet that octopus tasted like chicken. :)

Ebie said...

Early detection is worth the OUCH!

Regular Guy said...

Great post. Love the smiles.

Dave said...

Jill and I believe that every woman should have mammograms as often as necessary. I was amazed at the number of babies that Mum duck had! - Dave

Ensurai said...

Today I posted an article about Er Tong Le Yuen....but it is more about a missed opportunity...of not being able to thank my late father...regret? remorse? sadness?
Your posting is nice.
I went through mammogram too was a time for a really mixed bag of emotions...before...during and after!!

flowerweaver said...

I've only minded the biopsies, but never the mammos. But since one can lead to the other, there is some emotion involved.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Ann

I'm glad you did not have cancer! I am careful to get a mammogram every year.

I would love to ahve some grilled octopus!