Monday, May 23, 2011

Save the world, my world Tuesday: Save the rain water
In Auckland, we have a lot of rain. My elderly neighbor collects the rain water to water his plants. Good on him. It is OK in New Zealand as we don't have many mosquitoes.

In Malaysia and Singapore where dengue fever is rampant, he would not be allowed to do it. I suppose it will be fine if he covers the watr with a fine mosquito netting.


M.Kate said...

I have many huge pots in my home. One special one is the huge urn from China where they transport salted eggs and vege. I practically begged my friend to give me to me. Inside all these pots, there are lots of lilies and lotuses and we have many small guppies and fishes. Recently, a kingfisher (bad fish!) have been visiting daily and all fishes gone! and we have problem as we have loads of mosquitoes I have to buy more and figure a way to tangkap this kingfisher...probably not successful :(

great way to keep rainwater. My nenek used to do that...huge urns and mini ponds outside.

Lily said...

We have rain barrels here, and there is a small opening on the top, which has kinda like a mosquito netting and the top of the barrell is very slightly at a down angle, which allows rain to flow into barrell, then a tap at the bottom,so we can turn it on/off to fill water picture. Barrel also has a release hole almost at top of barrel, so if we get too much rain, it just drains off. neat rig and no waste of rain water. I enjoyed reading your post and M.Kate's comment.
Have a great day

diane b said...

He should get a water tank. Ours has been full all summer and we haven't needed it.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I was brought up having rain water in a huge cement tank in the house. In the 1950's piped water was only availalbe in the towns in Sarawak. So I believe in the use of rain water. In Australia I find that their "rain water tanks" to be more sophisticatedly developed than Malaysia's (which has taken a backward slide). We really have to make full use of natural ways ie collect rainwater!!

wenn said...

rain water is useful!