Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Green Decorating Tips for Your Garden

Green Decorating Tips for Your Garden

Being green is really in at the moment and more and more people are catching the green bug. There are many aspects of your regular life that you can alter in order to be more environmentally friendly. In fact, many companies have found great success in recent times by selling products aimed at this specific market. When it comes to outdoor decorating, you can find plenty of ways to make your garden more eco-friendly and we can tell you how.

1. Replace old lighting fixtures with better ones

The old bulbs that were used for various lighting fixtures were never too energy efficient. Nowadays you have much better alternatives that you can install in your outdoor fixtures or even your umbrella
. Some people avoid them because they are usually more expensive than the old ones, but they also last for a lot longer so you end up with a bargain in the long run.

2. Use recycled materials
Recycled materials can be used to craft many items that would look right at home in your garden or patio. Wrought iron is used for many furniture pieces and, if you are interested in a new deck, you can have one made from reclaimed or recycled timber.

3. Install new technology
Again, this step might seem a bit expensive at first, but the aim of new technology is to save resources. For example, you can install motion sensors for exterior lighting that will only light up the areas with people. This will end up saving you money on electricity bills. There are other systems designed to save you energy, as well, including some that allow you direct access using a smartphone or a tablet.

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