Saturday, March 14, 2015

Piano moving

My daughter loved playing the piano. Here she is playing a fancy piano at my cousin's house. We didn't buy a fancy piano for her. We told her that she could buy her own when she earned her money.

She did buy a fancy one, but alas, she had traveled abroad and could not take it with her.

The purpose of this blog post was a comment in the face book posted by my friend Ivy Ngui and Chien. It is a nostalgic post. When we went to NTU, Singapore, we chose to stay at a low rise apartment. Twice in a 3 storey maisonette, and once in a 4 storey maisonette.

We hired piano movers to move the piano many times. There were two men, one was quite old. When they grunted as they heaved the piano, I didn't dare to look.

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Herbert Clarke said...

I was surprised to hear that only two men came to move your piano. I have moved five times and have used professional heavy removal services every time to take care of my baby grand piano. They usually send 4-6 men. It’s hard work for them so I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for just two guys.

Herbert Clarke @ Forte Heavy Removals