Monday, June 8, 2015

ABC Wednesday, Letter V

After the war, to rebuild the war torn town, the town fathers put on a play to fundraise.

My dad acted as a spy for the Japanese. We asked him why he accepted the role of a villian. He said, someone has to do it.

In real life, he was more than qualify to do that role. He knew the ways of the Japanese soldiers. First, at 17, he did his Romusha to built the road to the Airport. Then for many years, he worked as a Japanese civilian worker. Going to the villagers to tell the villagers how much rice they had to contribute to the Emperor of Japan. When harvesting time came, again he had to accompany  the Japanese soldiers to collect the rice. It was a dangerous job, a villager's revolt to ambush the Japanese could mean that he could be mistaken to be a Japanese as well.

Woe to the villager whose field did not produce enough rice.

Dad wasn't a villian, he had  valor, he was  brave and  a valiant.


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