Friday, July 3, 2015

Give a Little: Jackie Mead

Twenty five years ago, we were told our baby son was very sick. He would die, and if he survived, he would be very severely handicapped. He survived 55 days, it was just long enough for us to give him our love and not to resent having to care for such a special needs child.

Today, Susan Meads, is a bereaved mum like me, told me about this cause. Her Jackie had a lot of special needs. They have to think ahead of Jackie's need when she, and her husband is gone. Something, which was a relief for us that we didn't have to worry.

Do go on this link.

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Help Jackie secure her future with a start to a home.we would like this cause to buy her a home

Jacke was born with a rare liver disorder 03/03-04 while waiting for transplant she suffered a massive brain heamrage which left her blind in 1 eye and the mental age if a 6 yr old for the rest of her life she was transplanted in 2005 with a hep B liver ALL DUE TO MEDICAL ERROR .We just want a future for her when we are no longer here that she will never be homeless her beautiful sisters will care for her in the event that we are not here so please help Jackie have a life this money would go towards buying jackie a home the donations will go into her trust fund which we established 2 yrs ago for her when i had a pancreas cancer scare

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