Monday, January 11, 2016

The blanket

This is my story with my grandma.
Grandma taught me to make these stars on the quilt. I am using this as an illustration of my story.

I was at my local mall when this old man approached me, and said," Teacher, how are you?"
I couldn't recall, and ask," B?"
"No, it is S, I am S's grand dad."
"Oh yes, I remember S, she must be in high school now."

This is the privilege of being a teacher, especially a teacher of immigrants.
 I remember S was restless and I wanted to scold her.
"Ann, I got no sleep, it was so cold and I got no blanket."

I went to church and got one with a children's pattern on it.
"Ann, my brother was cold, my mum gave her the blanket."

I went to church again and got her another oversize one.
"This is very big, I will drive you home."
I drove S and her grand dad home.

It's been many many years, I had forgotten.
But S's grandfather did not forget.

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