Thursday, May 30, 2019

ABC Letter U for University

Decades after leaving school, after I had my degrees from Windsor University and Auckland University, AUT. Dad disclosed a worry he had once harboured.

In Primary One, my principal Mr. Wong Kie Mee told Dad that he suspected I was a retard, I was quiet. Dad disagreed with him. I seemed normal at home.

Wow! what a disclosure. Yes, I failed my Chinese. I continued to fail Chinese until I dropped it in Form 5. Dad had a sigh of relief, here I was showing my report book that I came first in the class.

By then, I was matured enough to analyse why I was suspected to be a retard. I could think of two reasons, I was the only Cantonese in a pool of Foochows. I did not attend Kindergarten.

This is my now primary school. It looks as good as any university.

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Roger Owen Green said...

a good thing times have changed!