Sunday, August 2, 2020


 Flowers: Poppy

am a very practical person, and it is hard to believe myself that I was such a romantic at once stage of my life. I haven't told many people about this story except to a few fellow bloggers.

It was more than 30 years ago, I had finished my degree at the Auckland University and along with a couple of students we were doing our summer vacation job. 
I was also getting married just before Christmas.

I walked to work to save money, and on my way, I saw this clump of tall wild plants with orange flowers. I went to pick the flowers like Red Riding Hood. It wasn't easy, as the plants had those cutting hairs that hurt my hands. I got carried away, and arrived at work late.

The foreman was waiting at the clock-in and asked why I was late. I tried to hide my flowers and the rest of the full time girls saw me. They teased me if I was getting married. I was so embarrassed and quickly kept the flowers in the locker. The girls "dan dan dan dan" of the Wedding March..

After work, I retrieved my flowers. They had wilted. For all my trouble, I got a bunch of useless flowers.

The girls told me, "Poppies need water."

Here you are, whenever I see poppies, I remember that day.

My 13 year old son asks,"Are you allowed to pick flowers on the road side?"

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