Friday, September 11, 2009

Dragon Fruit:PITAYA, Hylocereus sp

The dragon fruit is a relatively new fruit to Malaysia and Singapore. When it first arrived in Singapore, I was told they came from Vietnam. I bought it out of curiousity. It was white with lots of seeds like poppy seeds. It was cool, not very sweet, and I can't describe the taste, except perhaps a cross between an unsweeten pineapple and a water melon. I wasn't impressed and didn't buy any more.

Then I went to visit my sis-in-law. Next door to her mum's house was a mini garden centre. He grew these plants and were selling cuttings. It is like a cacti. She grew some, and my Sis Rose was interested. The man was very generous when he found that Rose was a retired teacher and was interested in his new plant. He gave her some cuttings.

Rose wasn't very successful. Apparently, you need a male and a female plant. My uncle Albert had some fruiting cacti when I saw them in July.

The growers have marketed the dragon fruit well. In many high class hotels, they have cut dragon fruit for breakfast. In this restaurant, they have dressed the fruit to be a prawn salad. It is very refreshing especially if you have eaten a lot of meat, and in the humid Singapore. I forgot the name of this restaurant. It is in the new building of NTU. I will post the building another time.

Click on this link to see a dragon fruit plant,

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Anonymous said...

All the fruit is so bright and colorful. Happy to learn about them.