Monday, September 14, 2009

Mother in laws and daughter in laws

I was driving to work last week and I was listening to BBC. The program was an interview with an Indian mother-in-law in India who is advocating for a law to protect Mother-in-laws. She said in her interview that while the whole world knows the plight of the daughter-in-laws among Indian women, nobody is giving a hoot to the mother-in-laws who are suffering under the evil hands of the bad daughter-in-laws.

The Chinese have a saying," The man has his reasons, the woman has her reasons". Everyone has his reasons, and another," A kitchen can't have two woman."

Before I started blogging, I was into writing. I wrote two fictitious short stories on young Indian women, Nadine, and
Shoba, conflict of cultures. Nadine was based on the life of a girl friend. Part of the story is true,

Recently, I befriended a young Indian woman. She met her husband through an internet bureau. Sadly she is a statistics of a typical abused young bride.


Nukke said...

Greetings from Finland !!! I love your pics !! But I must say I must come again to really read what you are writing ! It is so interesting to hear opinions. Take care and have a nice Tuesday !:)

Unknown said...

aiyooo..what about abused DIL?, I have a GREAT mil..I love her to bits!! I am one of the lucky ones I guess :P

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

They stroll together,
mother and daughter, seeking
mutual solace.

My Ruby Tuesday

Lee said...

Hello Ann, nice blog. Enjoyed your eloquence, the story.
I fully agree kitchen only one cook, ha ha....and applies to my wife.
When she's there, I'm off....fool around with my pc, or else get her, 'ahyaaa, don't kachow me laaaa".

You have a nice day Ann, and keep a song in your heart. Lee.
ps, saw your callsign at Sarawakinia place.