Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have looked into "Whatzit" but have not been very good in guessing. This morning I went for a walk, and snap this photo for Gordon and J9.

A Big Thank you for featuring WHOSE TOWN IZIT? Ka pai aka great job. I invite you all to come down to Auckland, New Zealand and run away from your winter.

May I ask, Carrie, how did you guess?


Kerry said...

This looks like a goalpost of some sort, wrapped to protect players.

Gordon said...

I agree with Kerry. My guess is a soccer (football) goal.

Carrie said...

Hi, Ann. It looked like their was some palm foliage in the photo, I hear a lot about New Zealand wines, and the low mountains in the background looked similar to some other pics on the web from New Zealand. So I guessed it was your town. And, I love to solve puzzles!

I agree that your whatzit must be a goal post cover. I might have to go "Whatzit" hunting myself!