Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How florists keep flowers from withering.

For my fuzzy last week on our "Do a random act of kindness week," my buddy gave me a stem of flowers that came with a tube of water. This lasted about a week before it started to wither. I am not sure if it is vacuum packed, and if it works if I recycle the tube.

I don't get a lot of flowers from the water engineer because he is allergic to pollen grains. I am resigned to the fate that my house has to be sterile without pollen grains.

Shortly after we were married, we were invited to a dinner. He was so allergic that once he asked the hostess W where we went to dinner to remove her beautifully decorated center piece from the dinner table. The hostess removed the flowers having pity on his red and watering eyes and runny nose.After that, I don't complain that "You don't bring me flowers anymore."

The water engineer reads my post, and sometimes I tease him that I am posting all these photos to remind him of our wedding anniversary. I was pleasantly surprised that he remembered when he shared about himself in a group. He told them the year we were married, and how long we were married. he was then asked which month we were married, and he remembered. I didn't think that he remembered as we normally didn't celebrate it in a big way. May be this year will be different. I am going to post more flower photos.

Just before I was married 30 years ago, I was a summer student working in a toy assembly factory. I walked to work. I must be dreamy in love. I saw a few poppy flowers in bloom.

I went into the bushy area to pick the flowers. As a result, I was late for work, and the floor supervisor told me off, he said, I won't dock my pay this time, next time, I get the sack. The regular full time Polynesian girls asked me why I was picking this flower and they giggled.

They asked," Why you no pick them when you go home?"

After work, I went to my locker, I knew why they giggled, the poppies had withered.

I never told anyone. Now looking at this withing flower. I remembered.

The macro photo is a spring flower that grows in my school yard.


Lubna Saadi said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Ann, this is a nice post for sorry you are not receiving flowers from DH..but understandably why. I havent received flowers for ages from my DH I am resigned to having buying myself flowers ;p happy weekend Ann..we have MORE buka puasa this weekend, lots of eating. Yesterday was at the Pan Pacific with the staff...and my waistline is ever expanding ...

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Thanks Kate,

I am too stingy to buy flowers, comes from being an economics student.

Why waste on flowers when they will wither?

I did buy a lot of plants, plants last for ever, some plants have flowers, some don't. I was also very good at propagating plants and nourishing a sick plant to health.

I had so many plants that I left my legacy at NTU, a mini botanical garden and also raised a lot of funds for my favourite charity: the Deaf Children in Kenya.

Glad we both share our love for plants and flowers.


Ann :)

Paula said...

Ann, nice picture. I have seen this pretty flowers in Taiwan a few years ago during the Chinese New Year period. I bought back the bud, there are no flowering since I planted, at least 3 years already. :(