Saturday, September 12, 2009

New York and 9/11

Today as America remembers 9/11, I remember the trips I made to New York. The last one in 1992 was most memorable because I went as a mum when G was five and D was eight. The water engineer had a conference in Washington DC. From Washington DC, we took the train to New York and stayed at Quality Inn. One of the places the water engineer wanted to go was the World Trade Center, the Twin Towers. I recall how fast the elevators went up.

I was watching Chinese TV in Singapore when the new flash came about the planes crashing into the North and South towers. I couldn't believe I was actually watching live such a significant event. I felt very sad for the mums, dads, siblings, and children of all those who perished.

There are conspiracy theories circulating, about who done it. I don't really care. These people responsible will meet their maker and will have to account for their evil deeds.

I care for those left behind. The Chinese have a saying,"The greatest grief is for a gray head to farewell a black head." I know it is true for I have walked that path, and this month is special to me. September is the month my late baby Andrew was born. To all the mums who lost their children, I can identify with you and on this day, I honour you.


Anonymous said...

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Sara Diana said...

To lose a child is the most awful thing that can happen I think. I pray to God that I never experience this. September I lost my big brother, I felt as though I had a severed limb. I pray that you are at peace.