Monday, September 21, 2009

Hooliganism and graffiti tagging

Before I started blogging, I was dabbling into writing. Graffiti tagging was one of my passionate topic. In Sarawak in Borneo, life was very controlled, and tagging was non existence. When I went to New York in the mid 70s, I was quite fearful. Later, I was shocked to see tagging, "Muldon is a pig" on the bridges. Muldoon was the prime minister in New Zealand then.

Guy Fawks day, fireworks and hooligalism led to the burning of the Plunket rooms in Sandringham. I went to take photos of the rebuilding and was going to write a piece of successful story of how friends of Plunket worked hard to raise money to rebuild this building. Before I was ready to write, the next week, the hooligans were at it again, they vandalised the building and damaged thousands worth of work and material.

What senseless and mindless idiots.

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Ralph said...

I am not a fan of tagging - someone else's property being defaced is wrong, it does not belong to the 'artist' (and I use that term very loosely...)

True art comes from within, not destruction...