Monday, September 21, 2009

New Zealand Documentary wins Toronto Film Festival People's Choice.

Leanne Pooley's THE TOPP TWINS became the first winner of the People's Choice Award for Documentary at the Toronto Film Festival, the first award specifically for nonfiction films at the major North American festival. The New Zealand-made docu tells the story of lesbian sister country music performers from that country.

Lee Daniel's PRECIOUS received the overall People's Choice Award. Toronto doesn't have jury prizes.

Already released in New Zealand, where the film broke all records for a documentary opening, the film previously won the audience award in Melbourne.

Writing for Movieline, S.T. Vanairsdale draws comparisons to ANVIL!:
"Pooley briskly chronicles these milestones and more, paying special attention to how the sisters developed the many alter egos who help their act transcend camp, novelty and gimmickry. (Their Ken & Ken characters are popular among an unusually catholic constituency of straights and gays across class and culture.) The music won’t dazzle everybody, but skeptics said the same thing about Anvil, and look where the heavy-metal combo’s documentary took them over the last year and a half."

I went to watch this documentary with my girl friends from work. It is funny, and very Kiwi, when they acted as Kiwi blokes, you really think they are men. I am surprised the Toronto audience warmed up to them. I went with an open mind, in view of their open lifestyle.

They showed the police arrest at the Bastion Point controversy. I had just arrived in New Zealand and since then, I got to know Ngarimu, the grandson of the Maori chief. Having been to his Marae and taken as a special guest of his land, I feel very privileged to be part of this important History of New Zealand.

Barry and Linda, you too may enjoy this very funny documentary.


Barry said...

Just shows people in Toronto have great taste!

Anonymous said...

Hello story teller. Pop over to my post I have a tribute to Barry.

Stine in Ontario said...

Congratulations, New Zealand!