Sunday, September 20, 2009

Malaysian Roads

The North South Highway of Malaya goes all the way from the southern tip of Johor near to Singapore to Thailand. This is a user pay road, and there are toll booths through out the road.

My friendly bus driver was occasionally chatting with me when suddenly we went on a snail pace. I thought it was an accident. The driver was cross, he explained it was a road block. "How can they have a road block at peak hour? People have schedule."

Motor cars were stopped, we were not, once past the block, we soon resumed our journey.

When I was living in Singapore, we used this road a lot. The word JAM is a dreaded word especially during the festive seasons where people went home aka Balik Kampung. A usual 2 hours trip can drag to 6 hours. Instead of asking about the weather, people asked about the traffic.


Singapoare Plants Lover said...

Your post reminds me my previous trip to KL,got caught in traffic for 2 hours just out side the city.

By the way, I know the meaning for "HAM THAM GONG". Haha. Learning a new word.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I guess all highways look the same when crowded. There is nothing worse. I looked at the nice bus in the post below, did look nice and posh.