Monday, June 1, 2009


June the 1st is our official first day of winter. The cold had come a month ago, as as it is our Queen's birthday weekend holiday, the water engineer asked if we wanted to have a hike in the bush in Western Auckland. I was initially reluctant bcause it was so cold, but relented because I needed the exercise to train up for my big track in Summer.
I am glad we went because we found two gems. This is one.
As we were in the car, and with me looking out for new subjects to photograph, the water engineer asked if I wanted to photograph this.
The beauty has just overtaken us, and she was like something out of the early 1900s. The driver and the passenger dressed like that too, with their goggles, caps and scarfs.
We debated if this was a restored Bugatti or if it was a product of Kiwi ingenuity, a New Zealand bloke working in his garage likeMacGyver. The water engineer thought it was the latter because the back was shiny aluminium.
Patty, you got to come to New Zealand, you never know what you will find.

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