Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday Shoot out: Rainbow

Red and yellow and pink and green,
Orange and purple and blue,
Now you can sing of rainbow,
Sing of rainbow,
Sing of rainbow too. Ask anyone my generation, they will remember the Rainbow warrior. My church's primary school group call themselves the rainbow warriors. I must ask the teacher in charge why they call themselves that.
In this post, I posted a rainbow.
In this post, I posted the whole of the rainbow song.


Owl Eng said...

fantastic photos you have here! love the colors and the lively scene you have captured!

NZ is a great place. I was there for one-month vacation two years ago. It is still my dream place for living ;)

Thanks for your lovely comments for my pots...We never have heavy cooking other than herbal tea, instant noodles and bird nest. that's why they are still clean and shinny...#embarassed#.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are fantastic! A lot of fun! I wish that I had been there.

Guy D said...

Lovely photos Ann, thanks for sharing.

Have a nice weekend
Regina In Pictures

Jama said...

I see so many beautiful colours here! great shots.

Bagman and Butler said...

The princess and the pea rainbow mattresses! I love to see what creative things people do with the themes of the shootout! Excellent series.

Zaroga said...

Great set of photos, Ann!

Kerri said...

I like the candies on the rack. Now I'm hungry!

aurbie said...

Well, you captured all the colors in a most fun way!

Do you think you can get that boat to sail on over to Crisfield?

I like the angle you got on the food store and big card is super.

Thanks for sharing your colors of the rainbow with us. We are after all, the same, no mater what our color or where we live. And it is wonderful that we have the blogosphere to bring us all closer together.

Too many troubles in the world today. A little rainbow, like a smile, goes a long way.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

nice series of color shots! I like the one with things hanging from the tree and the pile of mattresses is a cool one. great post!

Cynthia L. H. said...

You captured the world of rainbows in such a beautiful and unique way!
Thank you! Lovely!

Sherri said...

Love the variety of colorful subjects in your post. Great shoot out.

Sandra Leigh said...

I love the Princess and the Pea, but your whole post is very original and fun.

Gordon said...

New Zealand is a much greater land because you are there. Thanks for the thought provoking post. The photos made my day.

Unknown said...

awesome pictures! love the princess & the pea bed!

T said...

Lovely colors!

I really like the lanterns....they just make me happy.