Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday shootout: Remembering Barry

I have been following Barry's an explorer's view of life shortly after I started blogging, and later his wife Linda's. We form a very warm rapport, and I feel that we have known each other for a long time. In March of this yearn Barry was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer and I journey with him.
Here's some flowers I saw in an ordinary garden. For you Barry and Linda.

Friday, February 19, 2010
The world will be ringing the bell with Barry and others today at 2:00 PM EST.

This bell was given to me by a very very special friend. Today, I ring it for a very special friend Barry. We ring the bells together with him as he rings the bell at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada for the last time he will be needing treatment. The skies will be touched, and see that all the cancer cells are gone, and he is fully cured.
On February 18th, many blogging friends of Barry rang for Barry. Last week, Barry said goodbye to Linda and his family and all his friends. I am sorry for Linda, but I am relieved that he no longer had to suffer. Barry, Linda and I share something. We are bereaved parents. It was very special when they told me that.

Linda, we stand by you at this difficult time. All parting is painful. Barry was among the first bloggers who commented my new blog. I thank him for that. He never failed to give an encouraging comment. Barry has 733 followers. He must have done something right!!!
Michael Mitchell's version of the song "Land of the Silver Birch" ...
Finally, Barry, if you can hear from above, it is YEARN FENG aka fate that this song was sang by my school kids last week. The music room is next to mine, and I hear them sing in my room. I was taught by my teacher when I was a teen ager in Borneo. I always thought it is American. A fellow blogger asked my about a tree in my blog, and asked if it was a birch tree. So I google and came to this U tube. This Land of the silver birch, the unofficial national anthem of Canada.

Land of the Silver Birch
Land of the Silver Birch,
Home of the beaver,
Where stands the mighty moose,
Wanders at will,

Blue lake and rocky shore,
I will return once more,
Boom didi ah da,
Boom didi ah da,
Boom didi ah da,

My heart is sick for thee,
Here in the low lands,
I will return to you,
Hills of the north.


Swift as a silver fish,
Canoe of birch bark,
Thy mighty waterways,
Carry me forth.


Here where the blue lake lies,
I’ll set my wigwam,
Close to the water’s edge,
Silent and still.



J9 said...

Ann, You are right - with as many followers as he had, he STILL made time for us all, and for that he will be missed.

NanU said...

A wonderful tribute, Ann.
Barry was indeed a special person to know!

Unknown said...

Dear Ann I am so glad we are all sharing this day with Barry and Linda. A great post.I want you to know I had to change Queenmothermamaw blog for security reasons to Daylily. I invite you to come back by and sign up as a follower, if you choose and introduce you to Daylily.Blessings

Jama said...

Barry is a very special person, he will not be forgotten. :(

Unknown said...

Ann...I am so touched by what you wrote! How important it is that we make connections often I find folks that share something with me..a life experience..just knowing them makes it a bit easier to manage I think. Beautiful touching post hon..thank you for sharing, Sarah

Sara Diana said...

He was a special person

Kerry said...

Bet he would have loved your research into this song, Ann. I am trying to imagine what he would have said about it; I think he'd be smiling.

Ginny Hartzler said...

My mom is with Barry, and many other loved ones, as well. She lost her battle with two different cancers about two years ago. I am a bell ringer, as well!! Your bell is beautiful! She would ring the bell at the cancer center when her radiation was over. And after she died, I went to the memorial cancer garden and rang the bell as loud as I could. Thank you for this song, it is beautiful, the words are so touching. Tears now make me stop writing.

Gordon said...

Ann, thank you for that terrific tribute to our friend. It is good to visit, again. Drop me a line when you can.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Thank you for your kind reply to my post. Yes, my mom suffered greatly and at the end we had to watch her starve to death in the hospital. I did a tribute to her on Mother's Day on my May 8th post called "A Strong Heart", and you can read what happened there if you like, it was horrible. Your mom being in a car accident, how awful, so sudden, with no warning? I think that watching long suffering or dying all of a sudden with no preparation, one is as bad as the other, each in their own way.

Sara Diana said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I changed it from Cancer Aint Gonna Beat Me because I wanted to get away from Cancer. I am almost thru treatment with only 4 more doses to go xxx

Reader Wil said...

Oh Ann I am so sorry about your friend Barry. You wrote a beautiful tribute to him. I am sure this will be a comfort to his wife Linda.
More and more I am beginning to consider my blogging buddies as friends. I don't know how you feel this, but sharing happy and also sad events is so important.

Gattina said...

I didn't know Barry very well I think I met him a couple of times, but it is so sad to hear that one of our Blog friends passes away. This is the second one since I am blogging. It certainly was better for him to leave now. He had the same age as I, only I was born in July and he in April. That makes thoughtful.

Pauline said...

That's a lovely tribute, Ann. Yes, I'm sure Barry would have loved it.

Unknown said...

beautiful tribute to Barry Ann. the song and your words are so touching.

Ensurai said...

You must be very sad Ann for losing such a great friend!

Hope all is well during this sad period.

God bless.