Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday Shootout: Urban Macro

This is the crest of Mt Albert Grammar school. My son started this year at Year 9.

Auckland is on an isthmus. we are not far from the beach in all directions.

In 1840, Auckland became the Capital of New Zealand. A lot of buildings are very old. If you want to tear down the old buildings to rebuild, you need to dig holes in the ground to check for the soil stability. Here is one such hole. The soil engineer asked why I was taking the photo.

Auckland is a good port. Here is the traditional red fence with the ornates.

The Millennium Tree was donated by the Chinese people to New Zealand. It was not without controversy. The Chinese have been in New Zealand for 130 years.They came when they were invited by two Otago invitations mine gold in 1865. At the turn of the 20th century the racial issue became dominant and led to the White New Zealand policy of exclusion. The Chinese were the only race group who had to pay a poll tax of ten pounds because of The Chinese Immigrants Act of 1881.

This Millennium tree, a $150,000 gift was plagued by numerous setbacks. It was done by a Chinese artist. Guy Ngan. Many people didn't want the tree. They say it didn't blend in with the others. It was moved from the Parnell Rose garden. There were murmur of a racial issue, and some people even wanted to torch it down. At the base of the tree are Chinese words set in chrome. You have to look carefully, otherwise you won't notice it. Guy's work was inspired by the cudgel or staff of SUN-WU-KONG, the Monkey King of Chinese legend - the fabled staff could dispel all obstacles.

Here at Auckland Domain, at the rim of the crater of the volcano Pukekawa, around 100000-150000 years old, is a old tree. It had a limb cut off, and it healed itself with a nice round knob.

The theme for July 2 is Urban Macro by the Town Blogger Team. As explained by GingerV ..... in our towns are many features that we see from a distance and think nothing of. it could be a line of pine trees on main street or Lights along a path.... but what makes them beautiful.... close up is it the pine needles or new cones on the branches? or the metal work of the light posts.... or the grain of the granite on the city hall....?

Urban definition
1. Of, relating to, or located in a city.
2. Characteristic of the city or city life.
Macro definition
1. Of great size; large.
2. Large in scope or extent; large-scale

Here's my urban macro. Enjoy.


Jama said...

I love your red gate with the ornaments!and that old tree is so unique!

The Swiss graffiti has been sentenced ti 5 months jail and 3 stroke of the cane. He agreed to compensate SMRT for the cost to clean up the train. There goes his career in Singapore, as I believe he will be deported after this.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That is a very well rounded post. I found the whole business about the statue fascinating.

GingerV said...

Ann, good post, very interesting the story of the Chinese and the racial content.
thanks for your comment on flowers, I have found the information from you and Jama about the banana flower very interesting - also Ann - the flowere petals are from a large bougainvillea TREE (not vine)that grows just above a little shack. terra cotta tiles are so common here I thought they represented our urban landscape. thr purple made for nice color.

Sarah Sullivan said...

Beautifully done!! I really enjoyed the wonderful and the shots of the characters were wonderful!!

Unknown said...

awesome Ann!! love the red fence but the symbols on chrome on the stones at the end are great! you always have interesting and learning posts. are you a teacher in New Zealand?

Cheryl said...

This was a wonderful and educational post. That wide angle shot of the fence with the macros of the details is fabulous.

Inday said...

Change always comes with controversy. Glad, the presence of the Millenium Tree prevailed.

Thanks for the info. It's sad that people can be one-sided. But it's a mind-set unfortunately.

Ensurai said...

A lot of food for thought!! Will look at these pictures again and again....very intriguing.

Thinking again whether there is a soul and mind of Miri...

Pauline said...

Great shots, Ann. You portray Auckland beautifully. My two daughters live there but I don't get down there often, usually just for special occasions, birthdays, etc. I prefer them to come up to the farm and I think they prefer that, too.

RedLan said...

So informative with matching photos. Thanks for sharing the history of NZ. This is so wonderful. The dig holes and the last photo wonder me quite a moment.