Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday shoot out: Black and Orange

Auckland Town hall at night.

Most days in the busyness of rushing around, blogging and cooking dinner, I don't look out in the sky. This is one of the unusual days, and I was rewarded.

Sam doing puzzles in The Brisbane Science Centre. the woman on duty was very impressed with him.

Our Town hall has a renovated organ. They plan to have organ tours. This is a speciment of the organs.

Mt Albert Baptist Church hosted the Willow Creek Global Summit this weekend. I helped in getting the refreshment and I did the floral arrangement. The Birds of Paradise bloomed in the garden and were ready for the arrangement, together with some spring flowers, ivy, fern and pine leaves and cones.

Golden honey from a Golden bee, some kids get to play this giant bumble bee.

I am going to a Mexican party tonight.

Theme For October 1 - Colors Black and Orange
This theme is pretty self explanatory, just a reminder.

The Klais Pipe organ in Auckland Town Hall

If you sit in the Auckland Town Hall and look above the stage, you will see an imposing array of 82 shining pipes, with a complex control console in the centre.
Behind the façade of the Auckland Town Hall Organ is a very complex system of machinery which produces very beautiful musical sounds. The organ contains sets of pipes - over 5000 in total


Ginny Hartzler said...

What is the fourth picture? They look like some kind of big bullits!

In the eye of the beholder said...

Wow, your sky picture is very beautiful! In addition, I loved the floral arrangement you did with the Birds of Paradises. I really hope you have fun at the Mexican party tonight.

Jama said...

I love that sunset sky, so awesome! and that Mexican hat is really an attention grabber. Somehow the combination of these two colors are so strikingly beautiful.

Kerry said...

Your town hall at night is spectacular, a great example of orange and black. Lots of variety in your shoot-out!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

like the town hall shot at night, very nice. also love the sunset shot, very pretty sky. great shoot out Ann!

wenn said...

nice..i love orange.

Pauline said...

Who would have thought the Town Hall would look so beautiful at night. Your reward for looking up, Ann. And I love the orange sky shot!

Marja said...

The picture of the town hall is great
and the sky one is gorgeous and what a cute bumblebee

Suburban Girl said...

And the woman on duty was wearing the right colors for you.

The sugar shack in my photo is where Maple Syrup is made.