Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Stills: cups or mugs

Everyone enjoys a good cup of Joe or Tea in the morning, so what is your favorite mug or cup?

You can also include antique cups, or odd coffee mugs you might have for a bit of fun..:-)

Hi Ed,
I was busy with a project that I forgot to check what the theme was. I thought it would be great to photograph the odd shapes and sizes of the fifty mugs in the staff room. But I am at home, and it is the weekend. I could wait until our Monday, your Sunday.

Then right in front of me, on my computer is this very special mug. No one has drank a drop from it. It's a souvenir cup. The girls were eleven and seven. We were at this tourist place at Clarke Quay in Singapore. There was a promotion. You could have a photo taken and printed on the mug. You choose the reverse print. It was quite expensive and I was quite reluctant to pay for it. Now I am glad I did. The girls have grown and left home. I look at the mug and think how quickly time has flown.


nannykim said...

I have lots of favorite coffee mugs--it would be fun to do this, but it is too late now. I think your idea of the employee mugs would be cool too.

Jama said...

I prefer mugs than cup, everybody uses them too. The sets of teacups are in the display cabinet, not used unless I have visitors.
Ann, the Fullerton Bay hotel is different from the Fullerton Hotel. The old Clifford Pier is now the Fullerton Bay hotel's lobby and restaurang, while the newer building for rooms were build next to it. So many new buildings around the bay now.

Ginny said...

We have had mugs like that made for our granddaughter. They are wonderful keepsakes! I like a mug that is big enough to hold lots, and has a handle big enough to fit your fingers through. It has to be pretty too, and not too tall, skinny, and tip-overable!!

Ed said...

Already thinking of christmas? You will still have that cuffe cup with the girls years from now..:-)

M.Kate said...

It's a beautiful mug Ann. You are correct, time flies so fast. I have pictures of my children when they are toddlers, these are the most precious photos for me..and before i know it, the girls are now in the teens. I think I'd like them to be forever babies. Leaving for down under soon...maybe one day..I will go to your place....with durian chips.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hmmmmmm definately a mug! I have a wide selection - all which reflect what we have around us. lots of german shepherds, geese, chickens, ducks, tractors! Says it all really!