Sunday, July 24, 2011

save the world:save your teeth

My Chinese Grandpa lived to his 80s, he never went to the dentist and went to meet his maker with all his teeth.

I was hoping I would inherit his genes, At 56, I have all my pearlies and not a cavity. I do go to the dentist, but not enough according to them. My latest dentist who is also a dental surgeon says I have gum disease and my teeth is full of tartar. If I don't take drastic action, I will lose all my teeth and a periodontist will charge me $4000.

I was shocked and persuaded to have two painful appointments to my teeth and to my wallet, I think I have saved myself from being a toothless gum old woman or having dentures that didn't fit.

I used to have stress dreams that my tooth will come out from my gums without bleeding or pain, and I end up having a handful of white pearls. Some one interpreted that I value my teeth so much that I worry about the teeth dropping out.

Armed with a whole lot of stuff to keep my teeth, I have a regime. The interdental brush is a newer version of a little brush I was introduced to decades ago.

I am now brushing my teeth 3 times a day, and using the interdental brush because I find it hard to use the dental floss tape to the back teeth.

I wonder why my grandpa kept all his teeth? He didn't have much sugar in his diet. He drank a weak Chinese tea all day long, and yes, he chewed betal nuts all day long. No, he didn't use the ash that the Taiwanese use which doctors say will cause cancer.

There are several studies that regular tea consumption may reduce the incidence and severity of tooth decay. My grandpa knew all along.

Save your teeth, brush and floss, you can floss with the floss string (narrow string), tape or buy an interdental brush. Save your money too.


Karin said...

Great advice!! I'm having jaw and/or tooth pain recently. Dentist says there's nothing wrong with my teeth, but perhaps I have calculi in my salivary gland that causes problems. My mom explained to me that we as children don't have strong teeth because we missed essential nutrients in our formative years - mainly because of the war years in Europe. So far, I still have all my own, but many have fillings!

wenn said...

very good advice.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

My greatest fear - seeing a dentist...I love looking at toothbrushes and buying them.....