Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday Stills: People

Zaga is from Yugoslavia. She babysits our students' young children during ESOL class.

This is a new photo I took on Wednesday. John worked in retail until he retired. Now he keeps my Church Mt Albert Baptist Church's premises and grounds clean.

ESOL teachers, both retired missionaries, Pat to Congo Africa, and Kath to Papua New Guinea.

Jill does all the dishes after our morning tea with Connie.

Here's Jill in the blue rain coat and Connie, our administrator and does the reception in the blue jacket.
The man with the knitted cap and orange parka is a real gentleman. He gave up his table so the 18 of us could all be seated together.

I admire Betty who comes to help in the beginners class. What a commitment.

The man in green, Willy, is a lead steward of the Argentina National Airline. He was seated near us and we started a conversation. The train had to stop for a long time because of some faults. It was a delight talking to him. So if you fly Argentinian airlines, please say Hi for us.

Kath went to Papua New Guinea as a nurse and teacher. Now retired, she volunteers as a teacher.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: People

Hi Ed, I post people of a different kind. They are not the type that enter beauty pageants or walk cat walks.
They are the people who give up a Wednesday to help run the ESOL school in Mt Albert Baptist Church. We went on a train ride and lunch to Onehunga.
But there were two "ugly" girls, they remained seated and not give up their seats to elderly people waiting in the rain whilst waiting for the train. I felt so strongly about this that I did a post on my other site. Do go over and read what other readers say.

I couldn't show you all 18 ladies and gentlemen in the group, because I didn't think of doing this post when we were there.


Ed said...

This is the perfect subject for this challenge and you nailed it! Great story and pics, what kind of tea do you ladies have for tea? Just curious..:-))

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Anna. I'm sure you all had a super time, although it looks cold and wet there. :)

Wander Woman said...

Nice pictures! And interesting story to go with them!


VioletSky said...

Wow, this is a great post showing people - and it is especially nice that you know them all and know a little of their story.

Crystal said...

This is excellent subject of people. How awesome you guys all got together.

Ginny said...

You know some wonderful and dear people! And each one deserves to be mentioned, shown and noted for their service! Love all those yellows in the first few pics, they can be Mellow Yellow Monday!

Brenda said...

great story. How wonderful for these people to help and share what they know. great pics!

Lilly said...

Very nice post and photos - soooo interesting to read about all these wonderfully, caring individuals - you r indeed blessed.

Karin said...

Enjoyed your photo essay on people!

M.Kate said...

its the same here and I guess everywhere as well. I never understood people like them, young able bodied people. I hardly take public transport and when I do, I still see very young healthy people sitting on assigned places for elderly, pregnants and disabled. I like to stare at no effect, they probably couldnt care less. People are like this unfortunately. we had a short break at PD, nice place but I had to sit next to some China people..not so nice.

gtyyup said...

Wonderful story to go along with your photos. People doing what they enjoy most...helping other people. Great job!

Oregon Equestrian said...

I love that these are all people who are special to you.

Caroline said...

muito bommm...