Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet Charlie, a boy with a big heart.

Charles's story deserves to be told on all my four blogs. Charlie likes trains, Thomas the Tank. Here, Charlie are the real tracks and trains of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit trains MRT for you.

I first posted this story in my book blog. I think it is appropriate it to post it here so more people can read it.

My fellow blogger and bereaved mother Marydon has lots in common with me. We both lost our sons. Today, she did a post and invited me to comment.

Mary featured on ~ Charlie Grady aka Charlie Santa ~ I invite you to check this out to watch this incredible and awesome boy.

We are sharing the story of a little boy who is probably a lot like your son, grandson or nephew; he loves cars, trucks & trains. Charlie loves riding his bicycle, also. He is different than most 8 yr. olds in two ways: he has brain tumors & he leads a toy drive to help kids in chemotherapy to have happier holidays. "Charlie Santa" was founded when he was just five & in his first round of chemotherapy. This is one of the reasons he was chosen to be an ambassador for kids with Neurofibromatosis Type 1, & a recipient of a Miracle Makeover.

I have another friend Linda, who is wearing the same shoes as Charlies' mum. Shoes that are too small and pinching her feet causing great pain in their heart.

Designgives back is not screened in New Zealand, but what a great job they are doing,

In my book, I wrote a poem about shoes.

I modify it here,

The hole in the heart is bigger than life,
The hole never mends.
My child has cancer.
Life is never the same again.
Only a fellow mum who has a child with cancer,
will understand another mum's pain
For she wears the same pair of shoes,
For she feels the pinching at the toes.


Jo said...

Good morning Ann, thanks for sharing this video. I'm praying for the brave little boy as I type. (this is second prayer request I've received online in the last five minutes.) Bless you dear friend. Greetings, Jo (Kenya, East Africa)

diane b said...

A brave little boy and brave mothers too. Your poem is lovely.

Lilly said...

Good Morning, - Thank you Ann for the links to this story about Charlie. A warm, fuzzy feeling is reeling about in my heart. Thank you so much for posting this blog and great poem.

Karin said...

Thank you for sharing the links to this touching story. Meaningful poem! Blessings for a lovely week-end!

Anonymous said...

I love your use of metaphor to pull at heart strings!

You are so kind and generous Ann! We LOVE you!

Wings away!

love, kelee & Charlie

Life Ramblings said...

such a moving and touching video. i'll pray the best for Charlie.

and thanks for sharing your beautiful poem. love it.

Jama said...

That's a very beautiful poem! and thanks for sharing the story.
I saw the typewriter at the Singapore Flyer , there's a corner where they put all 'antiques' from the past for display near the food court. I used to learn typing in school but never managed to use the little pinky, as they tend to get stuck in between keys, but I was a fast typist. Of course with electric typewriter and later the keyboard, I was a much faster typist. :)